Blue Coat Bear Awards
Cheerfully Trying Hard

Erin Chen (NA)
Chen Sun (NH)
Nibe Momoh Clifford (NR)
Theodore Wong (RZ)
Zainab Haroon (1F)
Alexandros Stamatakis (2W)

Showing Respect

Kayden Mahil (NK)
Valentina White (1V)
Jonathan Miller (2S)

Truthful and Kind

Jessie Yang (RG)
Anya Chandarana (RS)
Anika Aoulik (1H)
Angela Wood (2M)

Good Work/Behaviour – Head Teacher’s Awards

Freddie Wang  (NA)
Kit Newton  (NH)
Gabrielle Oguzie (NK)
Cindy Le (NR)
Bowen Shen (RG)
Liya Sathish (RS)
Sienna Elledge (RZ)
Isabelle Tosh (1F)
Jason Hu (1H)
Ariana Bhalla  (1V)

Ethan Zhang (2M)
Jessie Liu (2S)
Elijah Ostrowski (2W)

Golden Table

Nicholas Hodges (2M)
Amaya Puri (2M)
Shiva Kolli (2M)
Sofia Kazi (2S)
Rohan Karamchandani (2S)
Stefanos Psychogios (2S)
Sehej Rooprai (2W)
Emily Griffin (2W)
Bea Ellis (2W)


Stand Out Artist

Adeline Lambert (3EB)- We were blown away by Adeline’s Roald Dahl inspired creations. Instead of just creating one finger puppet for her enrichment homework, Adeline went above and beyond by creating six! Each finger puppet was incredibly detailed and beautifully coloured. Adeline should be incredibly proud of her efforts this week.
Kunal Tajuria (4JW)- Kunal used his ICT skills to create a brilliant Mexican Codex pattern. We were impressed by Kunal’s fantastic used of colour and his perseverance with a programme that he has never used before. Kunal should be
Jack Hinton (5BH)- Jack always shows a vivid interest in Creative Arts and this week’s lesson was no exception. He intricately studied the work of Romero Britto and incorporated his style within his own piece. Jack should be really proud of his hard work this week!
Bertie Charles (6KF)- Bertie worked brilliantly in today’s lesson in order to create not one, but two fantastic soldier drawings. The pieces were drawn in the style of Christopher Nevinson, which Bertie truly embraced in both pieces. Bertie should be very pleased with his work this week!


Music Maestro 

Olivia Zhang (5EW)- Exemplary work in cello
Yang Tan(3EB)- Exemplary work in cello


Rising Sports Star 

Zimo Chen (5AG)- Zimo has had an excellent start to the term in his Games lessons. Zimo has shown great commitment when tackling and understanding the laws of the Ruck and is able to put this into a game situation. Well done Zimo, keep working hard!

Amber Rashid (3EC)- Showing enthusiasm and hard work during hockey, being consistently organised and demonstrating an excellent attitude in lessons.

Bubble Champion Award

Peter Coleman (3EC)- For being super helpful in the house and showing BCS values.

Summer Gao (3ZS)- For playing beautifully and showing her BCS values

Arya-Veer Solanki (3JW)- For excellent manners and involving others in games.

Emmanuel Oguzie (3ZS)- For excellent manners and being helpful and considerate.

Yang He (6JM) & Otis Hodge (6JM)- For noticing when teachers needed help and springing into action!


Star of the Week

Zachary Assanga (3EB)- Always enthusiastically participating during class discussions, offering sensible and thoughtful ideas.

Izzah Muzaffar (3ZS)- For settling well and facing new challenges with growing confidence.

Samraj Suthi (3MH)- For cheerfully persevering and participating enthusiastically in all lessons.

Lana Kalia (3EC)- For always enthusiastically taking part in all lessons and showing polite manners at all times during the school day.

Jaiveer Singh (3SB)- For engaging well with our Humanities lessons on The Stone Age.

William Wang (4JL)- For displaying the BCS values by always showing respect and perservering. William listens attentively whenever someone is speaking and he always focuses on whatever task is at hand.

Kitty Burgess (4SS)- Great work across the range of subjects and has really impressed me over the last week.

Ibrahim Azam (4JW)- For great work in English this week and a super diary entry.

Amelia Sabir (4JL)- For producing a great piece of creative writing, as well as always being focused and a hard worker.

Aiza Amir (4ES)- For taking pride in her work and excellent descriptive writing.

Arjun Najran (5AG)- For thinking of others and trying hard in class and showing good manners.

Judah Hughes (5NB)- For cheerfully persevering when he finds something tricky and for always trying to think for himself and be independent.

Myle Faraz (5BH)- For persevering and participating in every lesson. Well done!

Ben Tucker (5EW)- For thinking of others and trying hard in class and showing good manners.

Amber Laroiya (6KF)- For always being so polite and helpful to both staff and her peers.

Aaron Masih (6JM)- For showing perseverance & great interest in their learning.

Lara Sethi (6DC)- For having an incredibly positive attitude towards school life. Always demonstrating the BCS values and being supportive towards staff and peers!

Thomas Hodges (6JR)- For his excellent work in descriptive and narrative writing in English.


Golden Table

Catherine Jia (3MH)- For being respectful by using her manners and for cheerfully persevering in lessons.

Summer Guidotti (3EC)- For consistently persevering in lessons and working on her confidence when having a go at new things independently.

Yousef Najib (4JL)- For always listening attentively and being enthusiastic in class.

Reuben Cuell (4ES)- For working so hard in English and showing kindness to others.

Ila Jain (5NB)- For being an excellent role model and always cheerfully persevering in lessons.

Elle Brown (5AG)- For taking a genuine interest in all lessons. She is always kind and respectful to her peers and adults.

Shaan Samra (6DC)- For the way in which he demonstrates the BCS values, with particularly impeccable manners, at all times!

Madalen Cotterill (6JR)- For excellent effort in all academic subjects and a positive approach to all her learning.

Deputy Head Awards

Year 5

Tamara Porter and Alayna Latif- For excellent school council presentations.

Year 6

Thomas Hodges, Taneesha Shetty, Serena Wadhwa, Ismael Alam, Shreya Raja and Arush Sen- For powerful descriptive writing.

Yang He, Eva-Nicole Asanga, Aditya Solanki and Madalen Cotterill- For an engaging contunation narrative.