U9A Rugby Festival @ RGS: The Grange, 20/09/2022

The U9A Rugby team travelled to RGS: The Grange for their first ever Rugby festival and for their first ever games involving contact and tackling. The team played four fixtures versus Warwick, Kings Hawford, RGS: The Grange, and Winterfold with the emphasis not on the score but learning and developing in each game. The boys started in their first game tentatively but some strong forward running by Kavidh scored a couple of tries. The effort in defence particularly by Tom and Roman was exceptional, making some strong tackles. The second game versus Warwick was played at a high pace and intensity. Kavidh and Samson ran forward at pace to score some tries for the team, with Roman being monstrous in defence, making some amazing tackles on some strong Warwick players. The third game versus RGS: The Grange saw Raj dive over the try line and in defence he was excellent wrapping his arms around players and bringing them to the ground, supported in defence by Samuel. In the final game against Winterfold, the boys began to tire due to the nature of festival Rugby and started to lose their energy; driving forward when they have possession, being a pest when tackling and getting there quickly to prevent the opposition having space to run. Plenty of positives to take from the festival with some strong performances and some excellent individual efforts, but a lot to learn particularly with defensive line and attacking lines and how this can help the team.

Result: N/A

Player of the match: Roman Wadhwa

U9B Rugby Festival @ RGS: The Grange

The purpose of the festival was to gain as much game-like experience as possible: no score lines, no trophies, just pure rugby experience. Throughout the festival we played Abberley (x2) Warwick and RGS: The Grange. As a team we focused on the fundamentals of running forward with the ball in attack and moving forward in defence. Jovan, Jonathon and Reuben all demonstrated the desire to run forward and take on defenders using speed and agility. What was great to see was George run forward with the ball but also look for support and pass before any contact. The confidence in defence will grow as the boys gain more tackling experience, but it was great to see some tackles occurring from Arya-Veer, Arin and Hari. Overall, this is a good starting point with plenty of positive experiences today.

Result: N/A

Player of the match: George Garner

U11A Rugby vs King Henry VIII

The U11 Boys A team started the term with a fantastic performance against King Henry VIII Coventry. The most pleasing thing was that all the players tried to adopt the “BCS Blueprint” of keeping the ball alive as much as possible and keeping it off the floor. There were offloads aplenty, and this coupled with the powerful surges of Arush and Hugo created carnage in the KHVIII defence allowing the fleet-footed Noah and William to reap the rewards with plenty of tries. It was also great to see a number of players relishing their defensive duties with Aditya and Seb really getting stuck in, enjoying making tackles and driving people back. Moving forward we need to become more efficient at recycling the ball in the ruck, but this will come with time.

Result: N/A

Player of the match: Arush Sen

U11B Rugby vs King Henry VIII

The U11Boys B team put in a devasting display of delightful free flowing running rugby against a willing KHVIII side. Xander ran well with the ball showing real promise with the ball in hand now he must start relishing the contact side of the game. Aryan was superb with his powerful running scoring 3 tries in the first 15 minutes. Toby was like the artful dodger with 3 interceptions pickpocketing the opposition at will. In defence two players who were really noticable though were the tackling twins of William and Dan. Nicknamed WD40 as this was about the number of tackles they made between them.! A very pleasing first run out which bodes well for the season.

Result: N/A

Player of the match: Dan Tyler

U11C Rugby vs King Henry VIII

The U11 C team put in an excellent display of Rugby in their first fixture of the season. The team started on fire scoring four consecutive tries with Miles, Daven, Vidur and Max all getting over the try line. The team continued to play some excellent Rugby with players offloading in the tackle before they went to ground to pass to player in space or avoid slowing the game down, Fotios was excellent at doing this and starting attacks for the team. Into the second half an improved King Henry’s team came back scoring some tries but Daven, Miles and Max managed to get over the try line to ensure a victory for BCS. A solid performance with some excellent offloads when the opposition were tackling but some tired legs and improvements in tackling technique are still needed.

Result: BCS Won

Player of the match: Fotios Matapoulos

U11D Rugby vs King Henry VIII

A brilliant first game of the season for the team, who came out victorious in a well-earned win. There was an apprehensive start to the game by both sets of players, which led to some early tries being exchanged in the first few minutes, with two tries scored by both Blue Coat and King Henry in the opening period of play. The nerves, however, quickly disappeared and the boys put in a dominating display. Some fantastic, brave tackling by James and Kabir set the tone for the rest of the match, with the rest of the team following their lead. Yang scoring a wonderful try after a really well-worked passing move, and some powerful runs by Rayyan were amongst the highlights as Blue Coat ended the first half 11-3 up. After the break there was more of the same from the boys in blue. The team worked tirelessly for each other and managed to not only score another 5 tries, but they prevented King Henry from scoring any more points! As a result, the final score was 16-3 to Blue Coat; a truly wonderful performance by all of the children involved, they should be proud of their efforts.

Result: 16-3

Player of the match: James Armstrong

U11 A Hockey v Solihull

The minibus buzzed with excitement as we travelled away for our first match of the term. With expectations running high for the hockey season and extra pressures from external exams, both teams used this as a chance to socialise and build the squad camaraderie. BCS started with lots of possession of the ball but could not take advantage of the positive start and Solihull broke through and scored the first goal. There was some great wide play from both wide players and crosses were being pumped in from both sides to no avail. Eventually, Lydia broke through to score and bring us even. With all players moving forwards with intention to score we left our defence open and Solihull scored again completely against play. With the positional awareness of the team growing as the match went on we started to look more dominant. It was a pleasure to also see what we had worked on executed well with a great penalty corner scored by Anna. This was a good start to the season with an overall win.

Result: 6-3

Player of the match: Anna Newman

U11 B Hockey v Solihull

After an excitable journey to Solihull the team started with real determination to prove their worth. There were positive runs from Serena down the wing but we could not strike the ball cleanly and the keeper made several saves. We looked strong in the middle trying to distribute the ball left and right to our forward players. Eliza and Tabitha showed versatility as they played completely out of position and Eliza managed to get a goal for all her efforts. With Aditi shooting to take the win for the team. A fabulous start for the team and the effort displayed was impressive as all players could not have ran and tackled any harder for their fellow team mates.

Result: 2-1

Player of the match: Tabitha Shaw/Madalen Cotterill

U11 C Hockey v RGS The Grange

An excellent first game of the season for the U11 C team. We had a strong first half with most of the play taking place in the attacking end. It was a quiet game for defence however, when RGS did make a breakthrough Mia Sargeant and Rubie Johal were there to swiftly move the ball out of the D and back into the attacking half. During the first half the team got the opportunity to experience their first penalty corners working well as a team to successfully execute this new skill. At half time the score was 0-0. During the second half the girls continued their strong attack, leading to a goal from Nanda Nishanth and Tarini Vemuri bringing the final score to 2-0. Well done to all the children involved for working together and producing an excellent result.

Result: 2-0

Player of the match: Nanda Nishanth/Tarini Vemuri

U11 D Hockey v RGS The Grange

The U 11 D team started their season with an excellent performance against RGS: The Grange. The team got off to a strong start with Taneesha working hard in the middle, getting the ball out wide to Karrie and up to Aashni in the D, resulting in 4 goals being scored in the first half. It was a quiet game for defence, however Lauren Roberts and Mani Kaur proved to be strong defenders when the ball did enter our half. The children showed excellent defensive and attacking skills; setting up marking quickly to defend a 16 and using roll outs to keep the ball safe when attacking. In the second half we had Lauren Roberts and Mani Kaur move up into the midfield to continue the excellent attacking efforts resulting in another goal being scored. At the final whistle the score was 5-0 with Karrie and Aashni scoring. Really well done to all the children involved, they should all be very proud of their hard work!

Result: 5-0

Player of the match: Karrie Chiu/Aashni Shah