Did you know, that amongst the five of them, the sense of smell is considered the strongest and quickest memory inducer? The wondrous internet tells me that this is because the olfactory bulb and cortex are so close, physically, to the hippocampus and amygdala (both of them huge factors in memory retention).

Which probably explains that if somebody led me blindfolded into my own pre-prep school, having driven me sightless the length and breadth of the country, my nose would unfailingly identify my old nursery classroom. Yes, apparently, smell is also in cahoots with the brain’s limbic system. This  controls emotion, making smell the biggest nostalgia catalyst of the sensory bunch.

Our Reception could tell you so much more, of course, because they have had the privilege of a WOW science day all about the importance of our senses. For our youngest children, this was so much more than an eye-opening experience!

In fact, this week, the children in reception, years 3 and 5 all enjoyed a number of WOW Days. Year 3 focused on the Stone Age, while Year 5 children were mesmerised by the lifestyle of the Anglo-Saxons.

I am a huge advocate for these ‘experience days’. Not only do they enhance knowledge; they stir the children’s imagination, especially their writing. 

The fixture list for sport got up and running too, although, sadly, a waylaid bus curtailed some of the matches for Year 5. The girls and boys built on the great start last week and achieved some excellent performances against Eversfield, King’s Hawford and Warwick School.

As for the U10 rugby, that proved a real nailbiter, with the boys winning by 7 tries to 6. Perhaps they took strength from the Exeter Chiefs’ last minute try against Harlequins at the weekend!

When TED activities got back under way for the seniors, there was a veritable smorgasbord of tasty activities ranging from gardening to Forest School to debating. Thank you to all the staff for the wonderful array of activities that you provide on a Friday afternoon.

This Friday saw the closing ‘ceremony’ of our wonderful 300th celebrations. What a year it has been! The ceremonial taking down of the flag by three old scholars from King Edward’s School led to the academic procession with Rt. Revd. David Urquhart, Bishop of Birmingham, marching slowly down to Chapel with a Piper providing a poignant soundtrack  for the rededication. Children and staff alike are delighted to return to our spiritual home following its splendid refurbishment. 

It was a wonderful service – especially, perhaps, for newcomers to Blue Coat. The music by the Chapel Choir was spellbinding, and all the children in attendance were reflective and reverent throughout.  For me as Headmaster, it was a proud moment. Bishop David’s final act was to bless the 300th year time capsule. This will not be opened until 2072 – a frightening thought!

We now look forward to Sunday, for the Old Scholars’ service with the Lord Lieutenant and Lord Mayor attending our civil rededication. This will represent a busy but wonderful end to a quite magnificent year of celebration.

Have  a great weekend!