Blue Coat Bear Awards
Cheerfully Trying Hard
Arthur Book (NA)
Ishaan Hathi (RZ)
Eva Puri (1H)
Aadit Kabra (1V)
Nicholas Hodges (2M)
Azalea Sidley (2S)


Showing Respect
Olivia Blackburm (NH)
Zuhur Mondal (NK)
Joshua Grant (RG)
Lyla Waheed (1F)


Truthful and Kind
Otto Robinson (NR)
Sami Abidin (RS)
Georgia Guidotti


Good Work/Behaviour – Head Teacher’s Awards
Eilidh Smart (NA)
Harry Li (NH)
Oscar Boutinot (NK)
Mohammed Musa (NR)
Georgiana Gort (RG)
Avani-Simran Nafri (RS)
Faith Al Shakarchi (RZ)
Amir Babwah (1F)
Makan Ghahari (1H)
Skye Hawley (1V)
Avaani Bahra (2M)
Milo Cuell (2S)
Lewis Claridge (2W)


Golden Table
Jaskiran Nandra (2M)
Yeva Lytvynenko (2M)
Ellis Chan (2M)
Bela Bhatt (2S)
Avaani Gill-Najran (2S)
Idrees Waheed (2S)
Pippa Williams (2W)
Arjan Kumar (2W)
Siya Dev (2W)



Stand Out Artist

Jaiveer Singh (3SB)- Jaiveer worked brilliantly during the lesson today. Using his careful cutting skills, Jaiveer created a fantastic Henri Matisse inspired piece. Jaiveer should be really proud of his achievements.
Caterina Gore (4JL)- Caterina made a fantastic start on her Aztec Codex inspired drawing today. We were amazed by Caterina’s attention to detail and brilliant use of colour. Additionally. We were really pleased to see that Caterina went above and beyond with her work by creating a narrative to her imagery. Caterina should be very pleased with her hard work in the lesson today.
Lucian lau (5NB)- Lucian has carefully drawn out and planned a very impressive background to his Romero Britto piece in his art folder. He has focused on his work and achieved excellent results. Well done.
Oliver Trethewey (6JM)- Oliver exhibited his brilliant understanding of shade and tone within today’s lesson. Inspired by the work of Christopher Nevinson, Oliver used water and ink to add detail to his WWI soldier piece. Oliver should be really pleased with his fantastic progress today and we are excited to the progression of his work!


Music Maestro 

Peter Coleman – Hard work in theory lessons and always persevering with homework
Pippa Shaw- Brilliant attitude and hard work in piano lessons


Rising Sports Star 

Shaan Samra – Shaan has shown an excellent commitment and superb attitude in his PE and Games lessons. Shaan has demonstrated determination when tackling and excellent technique and when rucking and is consistently able to use these in game situations in Rugby. Well done Shaan, keep working hard!

Sonam Hulait – Sonam was selected for having a brilliant attitude in lessons, being adaptable in hockey and giving 100% effort in every position on the pitch, and always being well organised. Well done Sonam, keep up the hard work!


Bubble Champion Award

Jason Zhou (3MH)- For his warm, happy smile and lovely manners, especially when he comes into the house in the mornings.

Abigail Oguzie (3SB)- For her gentle playing and beautiful manners.

Sami Peatfield (3EB)- For his cheerful attitude in the house.

Hari Godhania (4SS)- For superb manners and making everyone smile!

Louisa Hope (4SS)- For being so kind and helpful and tidying up

Ihra Karkhanis (5EW)- For a positive approach to looking after the House – tidying up play equipment.

Florence Horwitch-Smith (5NB)- For a positive approach to looking after the House – clearing up after snacks.


Star of the Week

Sam Sogeler (3EB)- For showing excellent engagement in all lessons and demonstrating perseverance in creative writing, producing an excellent diary entry.

Mustafa Alam (3EC)- For showing enthusiasm and interest in all aspects of school and trying his very best at all times.

Mia Mudie (5NB)- For being really focused in Maths this week and persevering with some tricky questions.

Syan Le (5BH)- For working hard during Maths lessons all week; producing excellent work!

Mischa Bailey (5EW)- For having high standards for her work, and cheerfully persevering in all of our lessons.

Karen Jia (5AG)- For taking pride in her work and showing consideration to others in the class.

Lauren Roberts (6JN)- For showing the epitemy of perseverance during the Scotsman Run, giving it her all to the very end!

Ismail Yasin- Hussain (6JR)- For engaging in his work with a positive approach and making thoughtful contributions in class.

James Armstrong (6DC)- For a really settled and positive week, with frequent contributions to lessons!

Daven Rawal (6KF)- For working hard in Humanities this week to produce an informative ebook on Ancient Greece.


Golden Table

Annabel Almond (3EB)- A positive approach to all aspects of school and for being so polite and cheerful!

Ruairi Molsom (3SB)- For displaying a positive and enthusiastic approach towards all areas of school life.

Yixi Dong (3ZS)- Throwing himself into BCS life, embodying the BCS values and his fantastic attitude to learning.

Zakariya A (4SS)- For always showing the BCS values around school and in lessons and for great focus in class.

Katherine Matopoulou (4JW)- For her cheerful and positive attitude to her learning.

Salmaan Mughal (5EW)- For showing respect and kindness to others.

Rayan Basu (5BH)- For showing active leadership within the classroom: setting a brilliant example for others to follow.

Eliza Coughlan (6JN)- For demonstrating excellent perseverance in maths this week, showing her ability to solve complex problems as part of an exam practice.

Taneesha Shetty (6KF)- For her thoughtful and mature responses in class discussions this week.


Deputy Head Awards

Year 3

Yixi Dong- excellent focus in Maths and explaining his mathematical reasoning.

Yang Yang Tan- for engaging well in discussion and independent work.

Kellie Liu- accurate and beautifully presented work and trying hard to develop her explanations.

Oscar Burrell- for always persevering and being so engaged in all lessons.

Luna Hamilton- Always putting in a fantastic effort into all of her work.

Mahrus Ibrahim- great application in lessons and enthusiasm.


Year 5

Ben Tucker- for his dramatic opening to a legend.


Year 6

William Nicolson, Kingsley Chen, Aaria Ratti, Ritika Harsh- For a fabulous letter written in role.

Priscilla Stojek, Mei-Li Taylor, Anoushka Puri, Diya Tripathi, Karrie Chiu- Showing an outstanding proactive approach to assisting staff in the Year 6 House.

Kabir Trajuria- For his persuasive letter.

Tarini Vemuri, Taran Bahia- For their continuation narratives.


Headmaster’s Award

Thomas Hodges (6JR)- For an outstanding response to poetry.