For many years this country has seen its political figures being treated like life-sized Punch and Judy figures. Leaders and senior ministers have been lampooned in the press, and (subsequently) roundly mocked by the general public. Of course, their actions may oftentimes have merited a degree of derision, and some moral outrage has occasionally been justified, but what perturbs me is the degree of cynicism which has become our default position.

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor faced the music big time this week over a tax cut U-turn for the wealthy. After the pound had drifted to a spectacular low level, the pair held up their hands. ‘We have’, they confessed, ‘made a mistake’. 

Headmasters, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, social workers, butchers, bakers, even candlestick makers: we all make mistakes. So perhaps – irrespective of our political allegiance – we might try to accommodate the idea of apology and redemption into our national psyche? And not regard a ‘mea culpa’ or a mind-change as a sign of weakness. Because when the pound hit a two-week high on Tuesday, the headlines were not as correspondingly fulsome in their commentary. 

These random, idealistic thoughts crossed my mind during the week, when Year 5BH followed up the brilliant assembly from 4JW based on building people up through our language and our actions rather than knocking them down. Wise words for us all, including the media. Thank you, Year 5, for this thoughtful assembly. Well done.

And, while I am lauding members of our school community, can I thank all the staff involved in last week’s re-dedication service with Bishop David and in the civil equivalent on Sunday. It was a joy to see so many Old Scholars in the Honour Choir. And, in all, a genuinely awesome experience. These services owed much to so many, but especially to Mr Nicklin for his music and Mr Newman for his logistics.

On Monday, Years 1,2 & 3 celebrated their very own re-dedication, or, I’d prefer to say ‘Welcome Back To Chapel’ service. It was a beautiful way for the children in the Pre-Prep and lower Prep school to start their chapel journey. The children were excellently focused and  reverent throughout the service. They sang with admirable gusto, too. Congratulations to all the children in Year 3 and 4 for the determination they showed in the annual cross country, the Harrison Mile. With house points at stake, the children were proud to compete in this cross country event. I must congratulate the school swimmers for their excellent effort in the recent swimming gala with Balsall Common. A close event with BCS coming home winners by a very slender margin.

Today,  as I was in Edinburgh for the annual IAPS conference, I passed Chaplain duties to Mr Newman, who welcomed the Reverend Diana Hopkins from St John’s, Harborne. I believe she gave the children a fun but meaningful talk on truthfulness, as we continue our values theme. I would like to wish all year 6 children sitting the KEHS and KES assessments this weekend the very best of luck. Believe it, achieve it!

Happy weekend, one and all!