Blue Coat Bear Awards
Cheerfully Trying Hard
Eva Shneerson (NK)
Syona Kolli (RG)
Olivia Taylor (RS)
Haris Zaheer (RZ)
Tia Griffiths-Stamboulis (1F)
Mason Shi (1V)
Emily Griffin (2W)

Showing Respect
Mason Zou (NA)
Harry Li (NH)
Anshika Monga (NR)
Roshan Desai (1H)
RayyanYasin (2M)

Truthful and Kind
Amelia Zeng (2S)

Good Work/Behaviour- Head Teacher’s Awards
Joshua Adams (NA)
Layana Yasin (NH)
Amar Somal (NK)
Louise McCorry (NR)
Gabriel Walker (RG)
Joseph Creamer (RS)
Sofia Kasparis (RZ)
Joseph Brodie (1F)
Avaanyi Aggarwal (1H)
Zinuo Chen (1V)
Ibrahim Ali (2M)
Chloe Huang (2S)
Sebastian Skett (2W)

Golden Table
Ethan Zhang (2M)
Tara Godhania (2M)
Yusuf Ahmed (2M)
Khadija Syed (2S)
Oona Shiu (2S)
Oliver Vora (2S)
Kavan Jutlla (2W)
George Burgess (2W)
Arjan Bhogal (2W)


Stand Out Artist

Catherine Jia (3MH)- Catherine produced a beautiful print during this weeks lesson. She worked very carefully on the print to ensure her mark making was neat and refined. Catherine should be so impressed with her work this week!
Zayden Roubani (4SS)- Zayden worked brilliantly in the lesson today to produce an intricate drawing of an Aztec Codex pattern. We were both very impressed by how carefully Zayden had studied the use of colour and shape within Aztec art. Zayden should be very pleased with his fantastic work!
Malika Zahra Hiridjee Hassam (5EW)- Malika Zahra worked brilliantly this week to ensure that she completed her Bart Simpson piece. Inspired by Romero Britto and utilising her knowledge of complementary and contrasting colours, Malika Zahra created a wonderful piece of work that she should be truly proud of.
Aashni Shah (6DC)- Aashni really dedicated herself to her work this week by creating two brilliant pieces of work. Inspired by the art of Christopher Nevinson, Aashni drew two fantastic soldiers. Both drawings exhibited her great understanding of contrast and tone, using ink and water as her medium. Aashni should be very proud of her great work this week.


Music Maestro 

Yousef Najib- Hard work and enthusiasm in singing lessons.
Susannah Nicholson- Enjoyment of everything you do in your singing lessons.


Rising Sports Star 

Caterina Gore- She has been working hard in her lessons to develop her skills which were noticeable in the Hockey Intra matches. Additionally her efforts in the House X Country where she ran an even pace and with a smile on her face.

Arya-Veer Solanki- Always displaying the Blue Coat values and his application of applying skills to achieve the learning objectives set.

Bubble Champion Award

Mustafa Alam (3EC)- For his cheerful nature and his politeness when having a good chat with the House staff. Well done Mustafa.

Amalia Jain (3ZS)- For her pleasant attitude in the house. Well done Amalia.

Emily Newman (4JW)- For excellent manners and always being ready to lend a hand and make people smile.

Jacob Cronin (4JL)- For excellent manners and being ready to help and be tidy.

Camilla McCorry (5NB)- For being so helpful and tidying up the Quiet Room beautifully.

Raees Rahman (5AG)- For being exceptionally helpful in the house and demonstrating the BCS values.


Star of the Week

Amelia West (3SB)- For participating well in all lessons and for displaying the BCS Values.

Lia Kumar (3ZS)- For always working hard and striving to achieve her very best in every lesson.

Peter Coleman (3EC)- For always trying his very best at all that he does and for cheerfully persevering no matter the challenge.

Eloise Tucker (3MH)- For her efforts to follow the BCS Values, and always completing work to a high standard.

Emily Nicolson (3EB)- Listening so intently in every subject and showing wonderful enthusiasm for all aspects of school life.

Anna Sun (4SS)- For always working hard in lessons and for producing neat and thoughtful work.

Sophia Cass-Romera (4JW)- For always contributing well to class discussions and always being prepared to ‘have a go’ at any task.

Susannah Nicholas (4JL)- For always cheerfully trying hard.

Kavidh Biswas (4ES)- For excellent discussion about Henry VIII and working hard in English.

Susie Bentick (5BH)- For helping and supporting other children across the year group.

Jayden Gupta (5AG)- For his positive attitude to learning and school life, and for perseverance.

Aditi Mohanty (6KF)- For excellent effort in all academic subjects and a positive approach to all her learning.

Noah Olatayo Moses (6DC)- For working extremely hard in all subject areas, producing a particularly impressive eBook in Humanities!

Golden Table

Edward Smiley (3EC)- For always being well-mannered and kind to others and for showing respect to his teachers and his peers at all times.

Jason Zhou (3MH)- For being polite to everyone, being patient, and for engaging and sharing enthusiastically in lessons.

Jovan Aeitan (4JL)- For working hard in English and showing respect to others.

Brooke Bushell (4ES)- For working hard in class and being so kind, considerate and polite.

Dhruv Chauhan (5AG)- Great attitude to learning and always displaying the BCS values.

Rohan Uppal (5AB)- For being a great class member and for making great behaviour choices recently. Rohan has also been really enthusiastic in Science discussions this week.

Aaria Ratti (6DC)- For always being incredibly polite and kind towards others. As well as approaching all aspects of school life with a smile on her face!

Lucy Carberry (6JR)- For an outstanding attitude in Form Time, Science & Maths this week. Her BCS Values have shined particularly brightly this week!

Deputy Head Awards

Year 3

Anai Bajwa- Excellent Stone Age diary entry.

Year 5

Noah Barnes- Excellent diary entry in role as Jemmy Button.

Year 6

Ines Kachloul, Jerry Kang, Audrey Yang- excellent vivid description in English.

Karrie Chiu- for using her initiative and supporting her peers in maths by explaining and giving examples when they were stuck.

Sinai Hamilton- for showing perseverance when problem solving and for listening carefully to explanations before applying that knowledge in her work.

Sophie Longworth- for asking pertinent questions and listening carefully to explanations before then applying that knowledge in her work.

Bertie Charles- for his excellent effort and logical approach to the challenge problems in maths this week.