U10B Hockey v Eversfield

The whole team started positively with Tamara making good forward passes to Elle, who powered down the wing with real determination. Arya held the midfield well and her ball distribution was good. Anika and Olivia applied pressure and eventually Elle scored our first goal. Aria P worked hard in midfield running forwards to help in attack and making last ditch tackles in defence. With a switch in positions between Arya and Tamara, Arya finally got her chance to score and we won 2-0. A sound display of hockey this afternoon.

Result: 2-0

Player of the match: Ellie Browne

U10C Rugby v Solihull Prep 

In a pulsating game of Rugby it was Solihull, the victors, in a tense affair versus a determined U10 C Rugby team. In the early stages of the game, both team were cautious getting used to the contact side with a few errors near the try lines from some knock ons. However, once BCS started to get into the game there was some excellent Rugby played, with Rohan regularly driving through the opposition defence to score tries and Judah and Lucas providing brilliant support to each other to always ensure passing options were available. The team continued to be brave in defence with Oli making some heroic tackles, bringing his opponents down to the floor. Towards the end of the game things were getting tense with a couple of tries between the teams, with the impressive Lucian between a strong ball-carrier to get his team closer to the try line. An excellent performance showing the hard work the pupils have been putting in with plenty of progression and areas to develop for the future.

Result: Rohan Uppal/Lucian Lau

Player of the match: SP 12-11 BCS

U10D Rugby v Solihull Prep 

The U10 D Rugby team played excellently versus Solihull Prep with all pupils involved taking something away from the game. The BCS team was split into two teams, with one team playing the first half of the game and one team playing the second half. In the first half, some excellent forward running by Brandon supported by Joobin got the BCS team upfield in an attempt to score tries. In defence, Jayden G showed bravery to attempt to stop Solihull crossing the try line. Into the second half, the team were inspired by Jerry’s strong forward running who got a couple of tries for the team barging through the opposition defence to score. An excellent fixture for the boys who showed the progress they have made over the half term and were able to apply this in a competitive situation.

Result: N/A

Player of the match: Jerry Kang

U10 A Rugby v Solihull Prep

This was a seriously impressive performance which has highlighted the hard work and progress the boys have made this half term. In defence, we moved together a lot better than we have done in previous games. In attack, we had a combination of running aggressively, offloaded, and passing before contact. This meant our attack was fast, free flowing and attacked space very effectively. Additionally, we kept our shape in both attack and defence extremely well which meant we stopped any attack quickly and were able to turn the ball over a lot in the game.

Result: BCS 50-30 SP

Player of the match: Squad performance

U9 Rugby v Eversfield

The U9 Rugby team put in a competitive performance against a well-drilled Eversfield team. The team starting off slowly and quickly conceded a couple of early tries due to some sloppy defending. This sparked the team into a response with Kavidh driving through the opponents defence to score some tries. This theme continued through the half with Eversfield trying to charge through the BCS defence, but being met with some ferocious tackles from Samson, Samuel, and Roman. BCS then attacked the Eversfield backline with Kavidh being the main player to use his agile footwork, supported by the speed of Samson and the intelligence of Tom’s pass timing. Into the second half some early pressure from the BCS defence always squeezing forward forced a turnover, with James timing his interception and Reuben responding with a brave run forward through the Eversfield defence to score. In defence Raj, Roman, and Joshua showed excellent commitment in their tackling technique trying to force Eversfield away from the paint of the try line. All in all, a very good afternoon with a competitive fixture, with many positives and some areas to work on- such as commitment to tackling and timing of passing when under pressure from defenders.

Result: N/A

Player of the match: Kavidh Biswas

U11 B & C Rugby v Solihull

The U10 B’s played out a superb match against Solihull, where they demonstrated a number of the BCS values. The whole game was very even, with Solihull shading the first half and BCS doing the same in the second half. The turnaround came because the boys began going forward in defence and taking away the opposition space. There were great performances from several players with George, Jago, Alessandro all showing what good runners with the ball they are. James though has made amazing progress over the the term and his powerful running with the ball and impressive tackling were great to see and a real demonstration of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. Again the C team team was a closely-fought affair with both teams offloading the ball in the tackle well. Oli, Arjun and Rohan were playing so well they moved up to the B’s during the game and this is the beauty of playing side by side.

Result: N/A

Player of the match: James Lawson-Bennett/Oli Cowley

U9 Rugby v Eversfield

The difference in performance from the start of the game to the end highlights how good these matches are to demonstrate progress in the pupils’ understanding. Both teams started strong, running directly and aggressively into tackles, meaning the game was quickly becoming a basketball score. With the introduction of conditions and promoting the use of teamwork, it soon began to look like high-quality rugby. By introducing more passing before contact, it resulted in pupils running into space more effectively. The most impressive aspect of the game was the spirit in which it was played. There were many occasions where a pupil was running to score a guarantee try, for me to call “tackle.” At no point did any pupil moan or criticise but instead saw the purpose of the game and got on with it. Well done all!

Result: N/A

Player of the match: Jovan Aeitan

U11 IAPS Regional Girls Hockey

With an early start all of the girls were fizzing on the bus with excitement about playing in the Regional IAPS tournament. After making our base we warmed up productively and with the hour we were facing our first league opponents Repton. Unfortunately, with the mind being a key part of competition my team had lost before they started. The team on the astro was certainly not the girls I had spent hours with before they were unrecognisable. After the defeat and a team ‘chat’ we moved to our next match v Witham Hall and the BCS team played with real skill and determination. With Sophie playing some excellent crosses from the right Rosie soon converted our first goal. We looked confident in attack and Sophie was in at the back post to score our second. With a further two goals coming from Tabitha and Anna. Our next league game was against Bablake and we now had confidence as well as skill driving our team to play some swift hockey down the wings with Sophie again converting our first goal. we won this match 5 -0 with Eliza scoring two, Tabitha one and Anna with a strike from the penalty corner. We had qualified for the knockout cup competition and had to move camp to the other side of the school to another astro. Waiting for the last matches to be played in the other leagues we eventually found out we would be playing Fairfield in the quarter finals who had not lost a match thus far.

After going ahead with some great positional play we allowed Fairfield to score within 10 seconds of us leading the match. With some gentle encouragement the girls dug deep and went for another attack and Eliza swooped in on the ball to score, we were ahead again with two minutes to go. After some positional changes we finished the winners and looked at our semi’s against Bromsgrove. We had played Bromsgrove earlier in the term and we knew they had some good players within their team. Our team now had to look at their opponent a go toe to toe, who wanted the ball more? With each tackle made and pass driven the girls were playing with all their might and eventually Rosie put us in front with some fabulous intercepts from Sabreena. We now had to manage the final minutes with Aaria staying stead with hit outs and sending the ball wide we finished the game ahead. Irrespective of the score in the Final we were off to Nationals!

In the final against Repton each pupil was given a specific role, Sophie in particular had the hardest job which required discipline to keep to the task. With Eliza having used all her energy in went Lydia and struck the ball with real power and direction and we scored. What a feeling as we went ahead, now for positional changes and keeping to the challenge as Repton kept coming at us good saves were made by Lara and Aaria blocking penalty shots from corners. Everyone held their own as the hooter went and we had won. Regional Champion 2022, what an achievement! Thank you girls the day was a pleasure!

Result: Winners!

U11B-E Hockey v Bromsgrove

This Wednesday we took the U11 girls to Bromsgrove to play hockey. With Bromsgrove being such a big school, all four teams played at the same time, which is fantastic. BCS girls demonstrated some exceptional progress in all four games. They tried hard to keep their shape, carry the ball down the wings and pass over long distances to advance the play. Furthermore, it was brilliant to see so many of the girls being confident to go in for the tackle, a skill we have been working on this half term. Coupled together we had several victories this afternoon which made for some very happy girls. After the match, the girls enjoyed tea and made some new friends with the opposition. Well done girls, it was a pleasure to take you on the fixture, as always.

U10/U11 Development Swimming Gala vs Norfolk House

Another friendly gala between the BCS development squad and Norfolk House at home. Some more great racing experience for our development squad who put in some progressive performance, showing a super supportive crowd that they are willing to learn with every event. There was some standout swims from Nanda and Noah who swam under 20 seconds in their 25m individual Freestyle events, as well as a bunch of excellent relay races that stoked the cheering on of their teammates. A big well done goes to those who stepped up for additional events due to some last minute drop-outs. Let’s go BCS!

U8 B Rugby vs Warwick School and Solihull School

The u9 Rugby team played three games on a glorious day at BCS. The teams were organised into two teams who then played a match against Solihull and Warwick and then a fixture between the two BCS teams. The game was a version of touch rugby where after one touch players could run forward with the ball but could not score a try and after the second touch players had to pass the ball. For the non-bibbed team, Mahrus was the standout ball-carrier with some driving runs forward, supported well by Arnav who managed to dive over the try line for a couple of tries. As the afternoon continued, Joshua started to show some excellent pace and changes of direction avoiding defenders to score tries for his team. For the team in red bibs Adam provided excellent timing of his passes to start attacks for his team and Joe was a direct and strong runner with the ball in his to drive through the opponents defence. he biggest cheer of the day was for Rohan who charged the length of the pitch to dive over the try line and score for his team. An excellent afternoon well supported with lots of opportunities for learning for the players who showed a very enthusiastic attitude throughout.

U8 A Rugby v Warwick & Solihull

The U9’s had their first experience of rugby against another school with a triangular festival against Warwick and Bromsgrove. The afternoon was a real success with all 3 teams playing the game in the right spirit. There were loads of passages of wonderful rugby with the running of Henry and Nairi shining through. The support play of Peter and Jai also standing out. Reuben also showed great combativeness and good evasion skills. But what stood out most was the fantastic teamwork of all involved. Their were plenty of mistakes and the boys reacted positively which is a massive credit to them, well done all.

U8 D Rugby v Warwick and Solihull

Rugby festivals are a great way to gain maximum exposure to game like experiences without the pressure of any score lines. Additionally, the festival allowed all the boys to demonstrate the progress they have made over the last 6 weeks. For some, this was their first time playing a Rugby fixture but more importantly it was everyone’s first experience representing the school. The pupils conducted themselves well, taking on board feedback and applying their BCS values well. A special mention to Jeevan and Yixi who truly lead by example today, in both performance and attitude.