Blue Coat Bear Awards
Cheerfully Trying Hard
Whole Class (NR)
Narayan Nischal (1F)
Henry Bentick (1V)
Flo Hamilton
Clara Cibelli

Showing Respect
Mika Ghahari (NA)
Alexandros Chanouzas (NH)
Antonia Neophytou (NK)
Naren Banwait (RG)
Jasper Cai (RS)
Sophia Ghani

Truthful and Kind
Amber Bhogal (RZ)
Auden Dulku (1H)

Good Work/Behaviour – Head Teacher’s Awards
Mohamed Suliman (NA)
Aneha Lahel (NH)
Matthew Cartledge (NK)
Nina Pattni (NR)
Kamilah Syed (RG)
Reyna Bathla (RS)
Amrit Bhogal (RZ)
Reuben Pabari (1F)
Arnie Parwana (1H)
Mila Saha (1V)
Rayyan Yasin (2M)
Bella Smith (2S)
Pippa Williams (2W)

Golden Table
Rajan Banga (2M)
Heidi Horwitch-Smith (2M)
Arya Knobbs (2M)
Jonathan Miller (2S)
Azalea Sidley (2S)
Milo Cuell (2S)
Arun Choudhary (2W)
Sophia Ghani (2W)
Eva Pattni (2W)


Stand Out Artist

Amelia Xiu (3MH)- Amelia has worked brilliantly on her Keith Haring inspired piece over the past few weeks. Using a variety of colours, she has created a vibrant piece that she should really be proud of.
Esme Shiu (4ES)- Esme is always enthusiastic whenever she is in her Creative Arts lesson and today was no exception. Inspired by Mexican Alebrije’s, Esme created a fantastic hybrid of 7 different animals. We were so impressed by Esme’s dedication to the task and her attention to detail when creating her work. Esme should be really proud of her efforts.
James Barwell (5BH)- James made a fantastic effort within the lesson today. He has used a brilliant range of colours to create a sense of movement and to demonstrate a clear understanding of the difference between contrasting and complementary colours. James should be very pro[ud of his efforts.
Samuel Sapey (6JM)- Sam made a tremendous effort in the lesson today. Every piece of advice that Mr.Hegenbarth offered, Sam followed. This allowed Samuel to make a fantastic start on his WWI battle scene. Sam should be really proud of his efforts this week!


Rising Sports Star 

Jeevan Lyall- Well done Jeevan you are this week’s Rising Sports Star of the week. You have shown an excellent attitude in your PE and Games lessons and performed well in your first ever Rugby fixture representing BCS.

Nina McLuskie- Nina was chosen for: Winning the Harrison Mile cross country event. Fantastic progress in swimming, specifically her breaststroke. Standing out in intra hockey, making good progress.


Bubble Champion Award

Summer Wedgbury (4ES)- For greeting everyone with a smile and being so helpful.

James Tyler (4JW)- For his positive attitude and playing so nicely with others.

Elissa Yeung (5AG)- For entertaining us almost everyday with the most beautiful piano music.

Kyra Sandhu (5NB)- For a positive approach to looking after the House – clearing up after snacks.

Mei-Li Taylor – For outstanding helpfulness to the staff in the House.


Star of the Week

Ela Yeung (3SB)- For always trying her best in every lesson and for engaging well in discussions.

Ihtesham Ahmed (3MH)- For his polite and inquisitive manner, and for his hard work and perseverance in all lessons.

Sebastian Charles (3EC)- For working exceptionally hard on his focus and concentration skills and participating in lessons with enthusiasm and interest.

Henry Barwell (3ES)- For showing an increasingly positive attitude to his school work both in the classroom and at home.

Sukhmani Pawarna (3EB)- Excellent enthusiasm and participation in all areas of school life.

Pippa Shaw (4JW)- For her effort in English and some super descriptive writing.

Samuel Du (4JL)- For having an excellent attitude to learning and working especially hard in Science.

Lana Saha (4ES)- For excellent work on alliteration and persuasive texts and a positive, helpful attitude.

Jack Hinton (5BH)- For excellent effort in all academic subjects and a positive approach to all his learning.

Ines Kachloul (5AG)- For demonstrating BCS Values daily, bringing great energy and enthusiasm to the Form.

Alessandro Maio (5EW)- For being enthusiastic, positive and participating well in class discussions.

Jago Wells (5NB)- For being really enthusiastic about his responsibilities in school. He will be a great School Councillor!

Otis Hodge (6JM)- For his quiet and hardworking attitude to produce his best work in all lessons this week.

Sabreen Townsend (6KF)- For striving to produce her best work and for always asking when she is unsure.

Serena Wadhwa (6DC)- For striving to produce the highest quality work possible at all times, and always making the right choices!

Taran Bahia (6JR)- For writing an engaging Kahoot to consolidate the class knowledge of the Ancient Greeks!

Book Review of the Week

Y3 – Yvonne Chen
Y4 – Arya-Veer Solanki
Y5 – Lucas Gurney

Golden Table

Eva Roubani (3SB)- For displaying the BCS Values and making a super start to life at school.

Luca Ottengo (4JW)- For his positive attitude and excellent manners.

Liam Liu (5EW)- For showing enthusiasm when learning about Katherine Johnson and connecting her perseverance to the BCS Values

Yang He (6JM)- For outstanding helpfulness to the staff in the House.

Daniel Tyler (6KF)- For always listening carefully to others and for displaying the BCS values at all times.

Deputy Head Awards

Year 3

Adeline Lambert- Excellent enrichment homework for Black History Month.


Year 5

Delara Raeiszadeh and Susie Bentick- For fantastic enthusiasm and effort in creative writing. A wonderful witches’ spell.

Arya Bhala, Zimo Chen, Karen Jia, Ihra Karkhans, Carlino Kumar, Lucian Lau, Syan Le, Jayden Liang, Jayden Liu, Liam Liu, Camilla McCorry, Annabel Miller, Anika Moholkar, Syona Rao, Ben Tucker, Trystan Vlok, Freddie Wood and Jessia Zhang- Excellent poetry based on Macbeth, using rhyming couplets and syllables effectively

Year 6

Kabir Tajuria- For his persuasive letter.

Tarini Vemuri and Taran Bahia- For their excellent continuation narratives.

Bertie Charles- For his persuasive speech.

Ismaeel Alam- Independently producing a labelled diagram of a heart and model.