I was all set to wax lyrical about the School’s Fireworks Extravaganza. What a shame that the weather beat us. Instead, let me ponder another method of playing with fire – the pursuit of Fame. 

Living in an age when so many dream of being famous for five minutes – or at a stretch 15 minutes – we have to be conscious that celebrity can have catastrophic consequences. And that ‘famous’ can so quickly change into ‘infamous’.

Guy Fawkes ‘lives on’, in effigy at least, more than 400 years after The Gunpowder Plot. I dare say the names of entertainer James Corden and politician Matt Hancock will fade more quickly from history’s memory.

Hancock, the Health Minister who left government office under a black cloud, has rightly been derided for wanting to Get Out Of Here and join ‘I’m a Celebrity’ on the other side of the world – even as parliament sits. Embarrassed by reports of his objectionable public behaviour, ‘Gavin and Stacey’ star and US chat show host Corden responded by saying that ‘nobody prepares you for being famous.’

So, it’s tough at the top, but the rest of us must get on. Some possibly feel there is less to be gained by climbing the greasy political pole and sliding back down in 45 days, than there is by keeping their heads down and being a worthwhile member of what the politicians label a ‘hard-working family’.

Back in the real world, where prices are higher, temperatures are lower and the afternoons are darker, we certainly have plenty of industrious members in our BCS community. The children have settled back dynamically into their studies during a week that has proved busy on all fronts. 

Yes, it was all leading towards The Friends’ Fireworks Extravaganza, a fabulous event, into which goes so much ‘unseen’ and unheralded organisation. A big thank you anyway to Andrew Hodge and The Friends for all their careful, devoted preparation. I am so sorry that the wind blew away your carefully constructed plans. And disappointed for the children, who were so excited at the prospect of rockets, squibs and Roman candles. 

Less flashy than fireworks, but vitally important, is the subject of food management: fruit, fibre and those all-so-valuable vegetables. In a special assembly, our caterers, Holroyd Howe, underlined the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, their main message was ‘everything in moderation’. 

We do our utmost here to encourage the making of sensible healthy food choices on a daily basis, and, in terms of healthiness, I love the lunchtime fruit option that the children have every day. If any parents would like to discuss food options please contact our catering manager, Luke Moss on mossl@thebluecoatschool.com

Still on the subject of sustenance, in the Boardroom today, I thoroughly enjoyed lunch with Year 5 and 6 children. It is so important that our children’s voices are heard. I am passionate that children have the belief that myself and all staff are here to support and guide them. I haven’t laughed so much in some time but, on a serious note, the pride that the girls and boys had sitting on the Golden Table makes it all worthwhile.

This morning, the whole school celebrated the handing-over of two massive cheques, all made possible by dynamic fund raising activity during our 300th year celebrations. Representatives from Edward’s Trust and St Martin’s Youth Centre were delighted to receive £16,400 each! The money will help greatly with their work in the community, and this little ceremony was a fitting close to what has been a wonderful tricentenary.

To round off the week, Year 6 enjoyed a special concert, thanks to King Edward’s School. Music is one of our heartbeats here, and this concert proved an excellent way to inspire our children. We have so much talent, and it is always great to give our most accomplished musicians something to aim for. Thank you to KES for their continued – and very varied – support of BCS. This is a special, extremely valuable relationship. 

Finally, good luck to children sitting Solihull School examinations this weekend. The exam season is coming to a close for many but please keep the children in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

Happy weekend.