U10C House Hockey

St Margaret’s had a positive start with Tejvir and Karen dribbling swiftly down the wings playing in Florence to score her first goal. Paarus and Maliha were battling it out in the centre and Katherine broke free to even up the score 1-1. After half time, St Monica’s looked stronger in their positional play but St Margaret’s were equally matched with Destinee passing the ball forwards to her teammates. Aatika tried her best to clear the ball and Paarus slotted the ball into the goal to give St Margaret’s the lead. Katherine went on another one player drive and dribbled past St Margaret’s to score an excellent individual goal to even the score once again! In a final attempt to push for the win St Margaret’s applied some pressure to the defence and the match finished 3-2 to St Margaret’s.

Result: 3-2

Scorers: Tejvir, Paarus, Florence-Katherine x2

Player of the Match: Katherine Tejvir


U10A House Hockey

What a great way to kick start the new half term, by playing competitive House matches, the girls were eager and ready to go! From the first whistle, St Margaret’s dominated on and off the ball. They demonstrated strength and spatial awareness, and these skills allowed them to take the ball into their attacking half time and time again. St Monica’s did not give up, they lived the BCS values by cheerfully preserving and applying a lot of pressure on St Margaret’s. The score at half time was 2-0 to St Margaret’s. St Monica’s came back fighting and demonstrated confidence to go in for the tackle. Unfortunately, they were unable to convert their efforts into goals. It really was one of those game where the score did not reflect the game. Well done to St Margaret’s winning 3-0. Well done girls. 

Result: 3-0

Scorers: Susie Bentick x2, Annabell Miller x1

Players of the Match: Alayna Latif and Annabell Miller


U9D House Hockey

This Tuesday was the U9D House hockey match. Unfortunately, it was a little wet and windy, therefore, we couldn’t go ahead with plan A, however, plan B was just as fun and playing in the sports hall allowed the girls to play hockey for longer! Inside the ball travels much faster than on the Astro, so, the girls really needed to demonstrate their excellent stick skills. To begin with the ball went end-to-end, however, once settled into the game, the girls got into a better flow of the game. St Margaret’s were the dominant team, being the first team to score. In the second half, the umpire started blowing the whistle every time the ball touched the girls’ feet, so very quickly the girls learnt that by spreading out and keeping their shape, the ball touched their feet less and they played much better hockey. St Monica’s continued to fight into the second half however, St Margaret’s were the stronger team on the day! A great way to start this half term. Well done all.

Result: 7 – 0

Player of the Match: Amelia, Sabir, Susannah


U11C House Hockey

In their final House hockey match of the year, the U11C team luckily managed to dodge the rain! From the first whistle, the game was end to end. Both Houses demonstrated determination to win. St Monica’s were first to score, however, St Margaret’s were quick to equalise. Finishing the first half 2-2, the half-time team talk focused on creating space and holding their positions. St Monica’s were able to execute the advice brilliantly, which allowed them to work as a team more effectively. This teamwork enabled them to storm into the lead and dominate in the final 10 minutes. A very good performance by all, well done girls.

Result: 5 – 2

Scorers: Mei Li Taylor, Mia Sargeant, Emily Willson

Players of the Match: Lauren Roberts and Anoushka Puri


U11 Chiefs House Rugby

The U11 Chiefs House Rugby game was an end-to-end entertaining fixture with an excellent skill level on show. In the end, St George’s were the victors by the narrowest of margins. The game started off at a ferocious pace with the red of St Phillip’s providing some brilliant passing and ball handling skills. The boys looked to offload the ball before contact to avoid the game being slowed down, and this did result in an early try for St Phillip’s. However, once St George’s understood the tactics of St Phillip’s, they started to improve their physicality and showed strong running with the ball into contact breaking the defensive line with Xander, Rohan, and Max all going over the try line. The game continued to be end-to-end with Taran, Fotios, Vidur, and Arjun showing lovely timing of passing. They were met with the brute force of St Georges’ Ismaeel, Daven, Hasan, and Toby, putting in some strong tackles supported by James and Rohan’s intelligent search for space. Fotios then ran the length of the pitch to score an excellent try for St Phillip’s. However, in the final couple of minutes, two tries for St George’s secured the win for the greens in an entertaining House Rugby fixture. Player of the match was Toby for his all round play for St Georges in both attack and defence.

Result: St Georges 30 – 20 St Phillips

Player of the Match: Toby Agadagba


U11 Wasps House Rugby

Result: Draw

Player of the Match: Rayyan Jawaid


U11 Tigers Rugby

A pulsating house match was played in great spirit between great friends and whilst one team had to win, all the players deserve an enormous amount of credit for their effort and application. St Phillip’s raced into an early lead thanks to the aggressive running and great footwork from William Almond. However, Noah got St George’s back in the game with a couple of neatly taken tries. St George’s then raced into a 25-15 lead thanks to using the conditions effectively and penning St Phillip’s in their 22 and capitalising on any mistakes or turnovers. In the last 5 minutes, St Phillip’s showed great determination and pulled a try back to make the score 25-20 with 30 seconds remaining! St Phillip’s regained possession and worked the ball one way then the other with Thomas Hodges instrumental in their effort. St George’s scrambled in defence putting their bodies on the line and eventually with the line 3-metres away, there was a knock on and the final whistle went. A fantastic match given the conditions and one in which all players should be proud of their performance.

Result: St Georges 30 – 20 St Phillips


U11 B House Hockey

On an atrocious wet and windy afternoon, the B team match was played with great enthusiasm by both teams. The match was evenly balanced throughout but despite some excellent defensive work by Rubie Johan ,Taneesha Sheety and Nanda Nishanth of St Monica’s slotted the ball into the corner of the goal, just before half-time. St Margaret’s came out fighting hard in the second half some excellent attacks by Aashini Shah and Sinai Hamilton but St Monica’s defensive pair in Priscilla Stojek and Shreya Raja made some great block tackles to prevent them from scoring. St Monica’s continued to threaten St Margaret’s defence but Umaiza Kasif made some excellent saves and eventually St Monica’s found the back of the net to lead 2 – 0. Thank you to our three soggy supporters who stayed out to watch the whole match! Excellent play girls, well done.

Result: St Monica’s 2-0 St Margaret’s


U11 A House Hockey

Although there were no goals scored, the display of hockey on show was incredible. Both teams showed skills beyond their years with use of reverse stick crosses coming from Lydia, Tabitha and Rosie. The girls even showed three-dimensional skills as Anna lifted the ball over her opponent’s stick and Eliza lifted a shot only for it to be saved by Emily! The understanding that the girls have of positional play was exceptional. Each team had players who were having to play out of their favoured positions, and Serena, Karria and Aaria all displayed a breadth of skill which they have acquired over the half term. The defensive set up for both teams was very strong and proved too much for each teams attack to break down as tackles and clearances were made by Zoe, Madalen, Sabreena and saves from Lara. Throughout the match, Sophie continued to motor up and down the pitch relentlessly as she battled for St Margaret’s. If only the match could have continued until a goal was scored, but ultimately the allotted time passed, and a draw seemed a fair result.

Result: 0 – 0

Players of the Match: Sabreena & Madalen


U8 Tigers House Rugby

The U8 Tigers rugby match was a great opportunity for the pupils to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in the first half of term and apply them in a game situation. It was also a great opportunity to develop the BCS values of kindness, perseverance, and respect. The boys showed great skills with Reuben, Jai and Garick showing great support play for St Phillip’s, whilst Nyre, and Henry demonstrated good “go forward” for St George’s. The game was a nail biting affair with St Phillip’s taking the win 8-7, the result however, was secondary to the wonderful spirit in which both teams played the game.

Result: St Philip’s 8 – 7 St George’s


U8 Chiefs House Rugby

The U8 Chiefs House Rugby match was an excellent opportunity for pupils to showcase their skills and progress from their first half term of rugby. The focus for much of the first half term has been to ‘go forward’ with the ball and gradually introduce the laws of rugby to pupils. For St George’s, Akash, Matthew and Mustafa showed the go forward approach driving forward with the ball every time they had possession, whilst Mutafa and Oscar were always in good positions of support once their teammate had been touched. For St Phllip’s, Adam, Riyan, and Rohan always drove forward with the ball, Zachary showed good support and Riyan was always there consistently for his teammate who needed a passing option. The scoreline on these days is not as important as the emphasis is on learning and progression. However, for the House Cup, St Phillip’s were victorious by 4 tries.

Result: St Phillip’s 50 – 30 St George’s


U8 House Hockey

After the disappointment of their match being cancelled before half term, for many this was their first hockey match in their lives! Throughout the first half term, we looked at developing our dribbling skills, tackling and basic positional play which was evident throughout the match. The girls showed great strength in tackling, particularly Eloise, Emily and Nina. Ishvari, Elsa, Sukhmani and Jasmine displayed great positional awareness, and looked to dribble the ball down the wings. With great attacking play Ana broke through and scored for St Monica’s. As the battle continued in the centre with Adeline, Annabel, Amelia and Sophia going head-to-head to command the midfield. The match was end-to-end and St Monica’s came out victorious 3-1.

Result: St Monica’s 3-1 St Margaret’s

Scorers: Anais, Adeline, Amelia, Sophia

Players of the Match: Eloise & Nina



U8 House Hockey

This Thursday was the girls’ very first house hockey match. A true showcase of how much progress the girls have made over the last six weeks. Initially, all players followed and crowded the ball, however, once they settled into the game, you could see some girls holding their positions and creating space for their teammates. This allowed the ball to travel up and down the pitch more freely. There were some excellent demonstrations of control on the ball, particularly when defending. The girls in defence showed their ability to clear the ball with power and strength. At half time the score was 2–1 to St Margaret’s, it was all still to play for! A very evenly matched game again in the second half, with all girls fighting for the ball. Both Houses managed to score another goal each. This results in St Margarets winning 3-2. It was fantastic to see so many parents supporting their children, it means alot to them you being there so thank you! 

Result: St Monica’s 2 – 3 St Margaret’s

Players of the Match: Erica Chenand & Summer Gao




U8 House Hockey

With all of the girls working hard over the first half term, a match in the first week back certainly gave them an arena to display everything they have learnt. With Ishvari showing true team spirit and playing in two matches, she encouraged her teammates to get the ball. Ree did exactly that and dribbled forwards to score the first St Monica’s goal. With much of the play being down the middle, Yuli and Alice Z were called into action on many occasions to clear the ball from defence. Catherine and Annaliese had some good ball control and with quick thinking, Amelia took a self pass from the sideline and crossed to Abigail to score 1-1. Not to be out done, Ree motivated Sophia and Anika to get forwards and St Monica’s applied considerable pressure and scored again taking the lead. A great win for St Monica’s and a treat of pizza for after-match tea.

Result: St Monica’s 3-1 St Margaret’s

Scorers: Ree x2, Sophia, Abigail

Players of the Match: Alice & Yuli



U8 House Hockey

Result: St Monica’s 4-2 St Margaret’s

Player of the Match: Grace


U10/U11 Development Swimming Gala vs Norfolk House

Another friendly gala between the BCS Development Squad and Norfolk House gave our swimmers important racing experience for their progression. Summer joined the team as the only Year 4 and put on a brilliant display, including a personal best in her 25-metre Freestyle event. Dan, in Year 6 also put in a fantastic performance in his Freestyle, as well as taking on Butterfly in the Medley Relay. A big well done goes to those who stepped up for additional events due to some last minute changes. 

Players of the Match: Summer Wedgbury and Dan Tyler


U10 B House Hockey

Monday was our first House hockey match of the year for Year 5. St Monica’s and St Margaret’s both showed great teamwork, sportsmanship and communication through organising their own teams and discussing tactics. This was a great opportunity for all students to play 7-a-side hockey. The first half play was predominantly in St Monica’s half with St Margaret’s bringing the score up to 4-0 by half time. In the second half, after some switches in positions, St Monica’s gained more possession of the ball and worked well as a team to attack forward. However, St Margaret’s half time changes led to 4 more goals being scored by the final whistle. The final score was 8-0 to St Margarets. Overall it was a great game and St Monica’s showed great perseverance remaining positive throughout the game. Well done to all who played, it was an excellent afternoon of hockey.

Result: St Monica’s 0 – 8 St Margaret’s


U9 A House Hockey

On Tuesday, the Year 4s had their House matches. Although the weather was not on our side, the A teams were not deterred. Both teams got off to a strong start, and demonstrated good determination to win the ball, however, St Margaret’s quickly broke through St Monica’s defence with Emily Newman scoring. As the rain hammered down both teams kept positive with Louisa holding strong in defence for St Monica’s, clearing the ball powerfully down the pitch. However, the duo that is Emily and Alice were a strong force resulting in St Margaret’s scoring 3 more goals, bringing the score to 4-0 by half time. St Monica’s came back to the game determined to score in the second half with Summer, Sonam, Freya and Dezhen working hard in attack. Finally, after good perseverance the ball entered St Margaret’s shooting circle and a goal was scored. Although an own goal by St Margaret’s, it was a goal for St Monica’s nonetheless. St Margaret’s were spurred on with Kitty and Pippa working hard in the midfield and Brooke holding strong in defence leading to the final score being 8-1 to St Margaret’s. Well done to both teams, it was an excellent game of hockey and you all showed excellent perseverance throughout the driving rain.

Result: St Monica’s 1-8 St Margaret’s

Scorers: Emily Newman and Alice Moody

Players of the Match: Emily Newman and Freya White


U8 C House Hockey

On Thursday the Year 3s had their first Hockey House matches. After a day of anticipation the Year 3s were able to put their hockey skills on show. The aim of the day was for all players to have fun and have a chance to show their progress made over the past six weeks, which they certainly did! Unfortunately St Margaret’s were down a player meaning they had to work extra hard in the game. The game started initially with a lot of crowding around the ball and not much movement. However, when there were occasional breakouts, both St Monica’s and St Margaret’s were able to demonstrate their passing and dribbling skills learnt over the past term. During the first half, St Monica’s managed to get through St Margaret’s defence leading to 4 goals being scored by halftime. At the half time talk we discussed the use of space and the roles of our positions to help improve our play. The second half kicked off with far better spatial awareness and more opportunities for dribbling and passing. St Margaret’s used this to their advantage and were able to score two goals during the second half. However, this did not deter St Monica’s who by the end of the second half had scored 4 more goals leading the final score being 8-2 to St Monica’s. The match ended with three cheers and some pizza at after match tea. Well done to all who played it was amazing to see you put your skills into practise!

Result: St Monica’s 8-2 St Margaret’s

Scorers: Kimran Mahil, Jaiya Dosanjh, Chloe Wang, Omi Akhibi

Players of the Match: Chloe Wang and Kimran Mahil


U9 C House Hockey

On Tuesday the U9 C team had their House matches. What a way to kick off the first games lesson of the term! Although the games weren’t as planned due to bad weather, the teams were still able to get into the competitive spirit and have a great afternoon of hockey. Using the indoor space the teams had to quickly adapt to playing on a different surface and different rules to outdoor hockey. Both St Margaret’s and St Monica’s took this challenge in their stride and played a lovely game of hockey. During the game it was great to see teamwork and self-umpiring, two skills which they should be proud of for demonstrating so well. The game was end-to-end with some good passing and dribbling. However, St Monica’s were more successful at turning their possession into goals, resulting in a St Monica’s win. Well done to all who played, it was an excellent afternoon and thank you to the parents who came and cheered the teams on.