Blue Coat Bear Awards

Cheerfully Trying Hard

Alexander Nehikhare

Leah Bella 

Avi Godhania

Lin Qi

Jaya Parida

Jai Thandi

Hamiz Imam

Khadija Syed

George Burgess


Showing Respect

Henrietta Smith

Aahil Khan

Joshan Upadhyay


Truthful and Kind

Eliana Kasparis


Good Work/Behaviour – Head Teacher’s Awards

Finlay Poulton

Maya Sheppard

Yuang Pan

Aditi Khanna

Nihal Pahal

Ian Liu

Panayiotis Yiangiou

Zavian Chauhan

Flora Acton

Luyanda Ndhlovu

Rajan Banga

Oona Shiu

Arjan Kumar


Golden Table

Barron Stojek 

Eliana Kasparis 

Evie Mayland 

Amelia Zeng

Chloe Huang

Henry Shastri-Wharf

Savaiya Dosanjh

Elijah Ostrowski

Akaal Pahal 



Stand Out Artist

Kimran (3EC)- Kimran has made a beautiful background to her piece of work inspired by Keutj
Katie (4ES)- Katie has made an excellent start to her alebrije. Well done for superb use of colour and a lot of hard work.
Zimo (5AG)- Well doe to Zimo he has designed a truly frightening Anglo- Saxon sword with amazing handles, we cannot wait to see it made!
Leon (6JM)- Leon has made a superb start to his WW1 painting. He has very skilfully applied watercolour washes, well done Leon, your work is very sophisticated.


Music Maestro

Music Maestro Week 7 Music Maestro Week 7

Congratulations to Krish and Susie in Year 5 who have been chosen as this week’s Music Maestros for their excellent singing in Chapel Choir!


Rising Sports Star 

Jerry Kang: Well done Jerry you are this weeks Rising Sports Star of the week! You have shown an excellent attitude in PE and Games and in Rugby have made superb progression in lessons.


Bubble Champion Award

Mia Mudie – For a positive approach to looking after the House – clearing up after snacks.

Emma Gao – For entertaining us almost everyday with the most beautiful piano music.


Star of the Week

Annaliese Chipwete (3EC)- For working hard in lessons, trying to consistently focus and being an enthusiastic learner.

Tisha Gupta (3ZS)- For approaching lessons enthusiastically and for her positive and smiley attitude.

Jasper Neeson (5AG)- For participating so well during class discussions and showing kindness and respect to others.

Finn Burrell (5NB)- For being well organised and forward thinking. He is a great asset to our class.


Book Review of the Week

Y3 – Yvonne Chen

Y4 – Arya-Veer Solanki

Y5 – Lucas Gurney

Golden Table

Jai Dosanjh (3EC)- For always working to follow the BCS values, contributing enthusiastically to lessons and showing interest in all he does.

Arjun Najran (5AG)- For having the most positive and enthusiastic attitude combined with striving to do his best.

Anushka Aulak (5NB)- For always trying her absolute best in everything she attempts. Cheerful, resilient and kind – an amazing role model to others.