Blue Coat Bear Awards

Cheerfully Trying Hard
Jayden Jing
Coen Vora
Avi Kalia
Avaani Gill-Najran

Showing Respect
Karen Huang
Nyra Budhia
Yulin Wang
Mustafa Muhammad
Eason Zhang
Aahil Khan
Joshan Upadhyay
Harry Banwait

Truthful and Kind
Siya Dev

Good Work/Behaviour – Head Teacher’s Awards
Sahana Sreekanth
Aayah Visram
Liyana Mawji
Isabella Karim
Sophia Karamchandani
Zanyar Khazaei
Eleanor Mayland
Tia Griffiths-Stamboulis
Flora Acton
Luyanda Ndhlovu
Ibrahim Ali
Rohan Karamchandani
Bea Ellis

Golden Table
Rayyan Yasin
Angela Wood
Avaani Bahra
Adrian Lau
Isabella Smith
Noah Hussain
Alexandros Stamatakis
Aniyah Muhammad
Georgia Guidotti



Stand Out Artist

Anika Angadi- An amazing effort and hard work in the Food Technology lesson today. Well done for your enthusiasm and hard work.
Kavidh Biswas- Kavidh has invented a truly unique combination of flavours in his sandwich and really fulfilled the design brief for the lesson.
Ila Jain- Ila has made a superb effort in Food Technology and invented a creative sandwich
Nirvan Argawal- Nirvan has created an amazing flavour combination for his sandwich. Well done!

Rising Sports Star 

Zayden Roubani- Well done Zayden you have shown excellent progress in your Rugby this term. Your commitment towards tackling and contact Rugby has been brilliant and it is great to see you putting this into Games lessons

Bubble Champion Award

Ruairi Molsom- For continually helping to tidy the house. Well done!

Itesham Ahmed- For his polite manners at all times in the house. Well done!

Anika Angadi- For her positive attitude and cheerful smile. Well done!

Lia Kumar- For her gentle nature and positive attitude in the house. Well done!

Edward Smiley- For his polite manners in the house at all times. Well done!

George Garner- For being so helpful and making Mrs Stockton smile!

Elizabeth Nganwa- For always being ready to help and cheering people up with her smile and laughter!

Star of the Week

Omi Ahkibi- For always working hard in lessons and quietly getting on with all tasks set

Sophia Su-Fu- Superb enthusiasm in English and always putting so much effort into everything she does

Peter Albrecht- For participating fully in class discussions and sharing his enthusiasm for new ideas with his peers

Giaan Gill- For his cheerful and polite manner, and for always working hard and persevering in lessons

Kimran Mahil- For participating in class discussions with growing confidence and being a pleasant and cheerful member of the class at all times

Shivesh Nischal- For always giving of his best, working with enthusiasm and great work in his science lessons

Emily Newman- For her effort writing in English this week

Eesa Ahmed- For his fantastic effort on STEM Day, where he accomplished each activity with focus and a positive attitude

Katie Huang- For wonderful creative ideas in English and an excellent Tudor report

Arya Pahuja- For having a fantastic, enthusiastic approach to learning this half term. She is participating more in class and is working really hard

Aria Patel- For showing super participation in class discussions and having a positive attitude to her learning

Mia Zeng- For having a most positive and enthusiastic attitude combined with striving to do her best

Charissa Lam- For a super effort across all lessons, showing respect to all members of 5BH

Emily de Bono- For an incredible work ethic in maths over the past two weeks and for taking the initiative with the School Council!

Miles Elledge- For being enthusiastic, positive and participating well in class discussions

Ishaan Gojra- For the enthusiasm and positivity he brings to each and every lesson!

Kabir Tajuria- Settling in quickly after an extended holiday and working with focus, producing super work in Humanities

Golden Table 

Matthew Cibelli- For always being so polite and always trying his hardest

Yuli Yeo- For displaying a cheerful and positive attitude towards all areas of school life

Chris Zhu- For showing kindness and friendship to others, growing in confidence and displaying the BCS values

Jack Blacklaws- For a fantastic attitude to his work all week, in particular his enthusiasm and perseverance when problem solving in maths

Umar Ayub- For always being well-mannered and kind to others and for showing respect to his teachers and his peers at all times

Malika Zahra- For consistently showing good manners and being polite to others

Kingsley Chen- For embodying the BCS values and his fantastic attitude to learning

Umaiza Kashif- As well as being a hard worker, Umaiza is incredibly kind. She often makes selfless decisions and is very mature in how she shows grace towards others

Deputy Head Awards

Myle Faraz and Oli Cowley- They produced a fantastic design for a house to withstand flooding