U11 Rugby Festival

The U11 team travelled to Warwick for a festival of Rugby against RGS, Warwick and Crackley Hall. Despite the incredibly windy, cold conditions, the boys played brilliantly and gave huge amounts of effort. In the first game, it was clear that the team were a little apprehensive and gave away a few early tries. This quickly changed, and Blue Coat fought back with some tries of their own and some strong tackles started to fly in! This was, however, a little too late in terms of the result, with a narrow loss to Crackley Hall in our first fixture. Against Warwick in our second game, the boys were determined to get a positive result and their commitment was admirable; a really strong performance saw a victory for Blue Coat, with 6 tries scored and only 3 conceded. In the final game of the tournament against RGS, the weather was against the boys as it became even colder, but a great game of rugby was still played. Blue Coat gave their all in this game and every player got really stuck in. There were brave tackles from everyone and some lovely passing moves – it was great to see how much they have developed their rugby this term! In a high-quality game, the points were shared with a draw the final result. Everyone should be proud of their effort – well done, boys!

U8 Hockey Festival 

This Thursday the girls were due to play a mini festival against Warwick, Solihull and Kings Hawford. Unable to play the tournament outside due to adverse weather conditions, we moved the festival into the Sports Hall. However, due to the weather we had a couple of the schools pull out. In the end, we played a fixture against Warwick Prep School inside the sports hall. This turned out into a fun filled afternoon. Both teams played some excellent Hockey, demonstrating confidence on and off the ball. Their understanding of positions and keeping structured, allowed them to play with space. It was a very good game to watch. The score was not recorded; however a lot of the game went end to end. It really was a very evenly matched game. Well done girls, I was very impressed with you all today. Massive thank you to parents for coming to support, the children always appreciate you cheering.

U9 Hockey vs RGS: The Grange

Both teams played RGS on Tuesday. The RGS team was made up of a tough side of girls who played with sheer determination. This initially took the girls off guard leading to some early goals from RGS. Both teams continued to work hard and managed to link up passes leading to goals. After a successful season playing such a strong side really taught the girls the importance of perseverance on the pitch and the game allowed us to see which skills need to be worked on. Although it was a hard afternoon of hockey, hopefully this will give the girls the determination they need to go and win their last game of the season next week. Well done to all who played!

U9 A & B Hockey

Both teams played RGS on Tuesday. The RGS team was made up of a tough side of girls who played with sheer determination. This initially took the girls off guard leading to some early goals from RGS. Both teams continued to work hard and managed to link up passes leading to goals. After a successful season playing such a strong side really taught the girls the importance of perseverance on the pitch and the game allowed us to see which skills need to be worked on. Although it was a hard afternoon of hockey, hopefully this will give the girls the determination they need to go and win their last game of the season next week. Well done to all who played!

U11B Hockey vs RGS

It is a great thing when the difference between your A and B team is minimal as the strength and depth of our hockey here at BCS is impressive. With one player away we played Aaria in the B’s also but completely out of position. She showed strength and accuracy as Sereena relentlessly ran up and down the wing to cross the ball to make for easy pickings in front of goal. Zoe was solid in defence as we moved her forwards to play in midfield as she distributed the ball right and forwards. Karrie has made such progress this year and whilst she is not as strong on her reverse stick her confidence does not deter her from trying, which is great to see as she moves from left to right keeping possession of the ball. Emily showed how her knowledge of keeping as developed as she left the ball that was struck outside of the ‘D’. Recently Tabitha has really applied herself and all her extra effort is paying dividends as she rolls past players and leaves them wondering how she is so good on her reverse stick. With the time running out Eliza was desperate to score her hatrick and worked tirelessly as she hunted down the ball we went on a final attack down th right hand side and just as we were gaining momentum the full time whistle was blown. Another fabulous display of hockey from all of the team!

U11 Hockey v RGS

A true showcase of progress. It was my pleasure to take the U11 girls to RGS The Grange this week. After a very successful match last week at Warwick, the girls were hopeful that they could play just as well. They did not disappoint! Both games that I watched,Although BCS were a little slow to get started and a little tentative on and off the ball. Once they settled into the game they demonstrated excellent stick skills,positional awareness and power on the ball. Fantastic girls! A successful afternoon of two wins and one narrow loss. We have one more fixture next week, against Winterfold. I’m sure we’ll finish on a high.

U11A Hockey v RGS

The last time we had met RGS it was in a tournament and it took us til a golden goal in extra time to take the win so this match against them today was a good way to judge just how far the U11 girls had come with their hockey and how much progress they had made since the start of the term. Whilst we started slower than expected and not closing down the opposite players on the ball we eventually started to take control of the game with Anna taking a lead role, marking their most dangerous player out of the game and cutting off any chance they had at gaining a goal. We had several chances in attack and an penalty corner was awarded and the well rehearsed drill gave us the advantage as we went into half-time 1-0. In the second half we looked hungrier for the ball and the attack came fast and furious with some great saves made by the RGs keeper. Eventually the first press from Lydia paid off as she intercepted a defensive pass and went on to score a great individual goal. With great discipline and courageous defending from Aria and Sabreena it never really looked like RGS would score and to finally finish the game 2-0 and clear winners. This was an exceptional display of U11 hockey and the whole team should be proud of themselves and how they have developed. I know I am extremely pleased!

U9 Rugby v Warwick E/F

On Tuesday we took every boy over to Warwick which was fantastic as it gave all a chance for a competitive fixture against another school. It was great to see the boys put into practice the skills they have learnt over the last 8-10 weeks. Some of the running with the ball on both pitches was excellent with Esa and Adam being great examples of this. Some of the tackling on display again showed great courage and desire with Luca and Connor being great examples. However Roux Masters showed excellent technique with his tackling and very good evasion skills which was great to see.

U11 Rugby v Eversfield and King’s Hawford

BCS hosted Eversfield and Kings’ Hawford in a 4 team tournament. BCS entered two teams named the Tigers and Chiefs and played a fixture against both schools and then a final fixture against the other BCS team. The first two fixtures against Eversfield and Kings’ Hawford were excellent learning experiences against two strong opponents. In the final game both teams showed great endeavour and competitiveness against their BCS peers hitting tackles with bravery and running forward with pace. There were determined performances by James, Toby A, William, and Xander throughout the afternoon putting their bodies on line when against fast paced runners from the opposition. A great learning experience for the boys learning the importance of running forward at pace and holding onto the ball and dept and width of their attacking lines.

U8, U10 & U11 Swimming Gala v Bromsgrove

BCS performance swimmers welcomed Bromsgrove to a swimming gala this evening. There was a good turnout of spectators and an overall cheerful atmosphere before, during, and after the races. The Medley Relay events started the evening off which saw some fantastic takeovers, which have been worked on in the morning training sessions. Hugo played a big part in the overall BCS victory as he swam personal best times in all 3 of his events, including a 50m Backstroke. Let’s go, BCS!

U9 C/D Rugby v Warwick

The fact that nearly every player walked off the pitch today with a huge smile on their faces proved how successful these matches were. With the focus still very much on player development and less on the score line, these matches demonstrate how far these players have progressed this term. On both matches, players ran hard into space breaking through the line of defence often. Additionally, the ball-carrier used their support very well offloading the ball to keep the attack moving forward. These were two truly impressive games In which the players conducted themselves very well.

U9B Rugby v Warwick

The U9B rugby team travelled to Warwick and played a tough game against an impressive opponent. The team started off slowly with Warwick putting pressure on the team and forcing knock-ons or driving through the BCS defence. The team initially when they had possession of the ball were not making forward progress which meant support runners were not available as they became in front of the ball. Once BCS started to understand they needed to do this then they started to gain territory and get closer to the try line with George, James, and Max getting the team driving forward. As the game progressed and BCS started to become more committed in defence this allowed the ball to get turnover and BCS got possession of the ball allowing Sahib and Arya-Veer to run forward towards the try line. Despite this endeavour Warwick stayed ahead in the game and kept managing to score tries and break through the BCS defence to score. An good test for the team with Zayaan showing some impressive timing of his pass and James organising both attacking and defensive lines well.

U9A Rugby v Warwick

The U9 Rugby team came up against a competitive Warwick team in a fierce competition. The team started off slow from the whistle and this allowed Warwick control of the game. When BCS had possession of the ball, they were under constant pressure from the Warwick defence whether this was in the tackle or from their defensive unit putting pressure and forcing BCS into knock-ons and therefore turning possession over. Once BCS realised they needed to drive forward at pace and try to breakthrough physical Warwick tackles they started to get success with Raj almost scoring an excellent try and then Roman and Kavidh managed to touch the ball over the whitewash to get a BCS score on the board. Despite this Warwick always responded with a try to stay ahead. After half time the team realised they needed to be determined and brave and the response was excellent. Samson and Roman again drove the team forward scoring tries and breaking through tackles. Samuel, Tom and Kavidh started to demonstrate excellent tackling technique to bring their opponents to the ground. An improved second half display but the slow start meant the team were always playing catch-up against an impressive opponent. Plenty to work on with regards to holding the ball in contact when tackled, the depth of attacking lines to run forward onto the ball at pace, and tackling technique looking to prevent opponents offloading the ball in the tackle or bringing them down to ground quicker.

U10 Rugby v Warwick

The u10 Rugby team had to brave the elements and extreme weather for their fixture against Warwick. The team showed excellent BCS values in perseverance to be determined to play through poor weather but respect to be excellent hosts to Warwick. The team showed some excellent running forward with the ball with Brandon, Jayden L, and Jonathan being at the core of this. The also showed brilliant handling skills in tricky conditions with Jerry, Trystan, and Joobin all looking to time their passes. Some great tries were scored on an afternoon where playing was made difficult by the weather conditions.

U10 Rugby v Warwick

The U10 Rugby team today showed true BCS values showing resilience and perseverance in their fixture against Warwick. On a day when weather conditions were horrendous with wet, cold, and mud every pupil rolled up their sleeves and showed great determination. The team despite the horrific conditions looked to run forward with pace and tackle with bravery and commitment. A massive thank you to the pupils for showing great resilience on a day like today and each pupil should be proud of their efforts in adverse conditions.

U10 Rugby v Warwick

We talk about our BCS values and hear stories of resilience and perseverance, and today was an opportunity to demonstrate these values wholeheartedly. Wet, cold, muddy, and windy conditions but at no point did any BCS pupil moan or complain, in fact there were more smiles than usual. Even in the awful conditions, BCS attempted and succeeded at playing attacking and flowing rugby, passing before contact, and looking like an organised team. A huge thank you to those pupils who played for Warwick as they sustained injuries or succumb to the cold. When I step back to think about what they achieved today, I can say I was so proud of everyone’s performance an conduct on and off the pitch.