One of the most gratifying aspects of school life, for me, is seeing the appetite with which children develop their scientific skills and devour new information. You can imagine, then, how enthusiastic were Year 6 girls and boys when they attended this week’s lecture on the Science of Chocolate. Surely they had had enough of the stuff in those advent calendars so recently consigned to the recycling bin!

Anyway, as part of the official opening of our splendid new facilities, it was Dr Penny Rowbotham, from the National Mathematics and Science College in Warwick, who came to lecture. The topic was a winner, of course, and it made for an excellent day, impacting forcibly on the children’s remarkable enthusiasm.

And then today we had the grand official opening of the new labs, which are named after former Chair of Governors, Professor Jim Hay, a pre-eminent Scientist. We enjoyed learning about his life and the event undoubtedly helped the children understand more than ever the importance of science on their own. It was a treat and a privilege to welcome Professor Hay’s sons, Colin and Mark, their wives and Professor Hay’s granddaughter to open the labs – a wonderful and emotional event that was enjoyed by all.

After a much needed Christmas break, when the children made their way back to the classrooms on Wednesday morning, some looked a little more tired than others. No matter. They all got their heads down and have already settled happily back into routine.

On Wednesday (Prep) and Thursday (Pre-prep) I gave my start of term assembly, focusing on New Year choices – a stepping stone to the future. We looked at the importance of choices rather than resolutions: living out the BCS values of Respect, Kindness and Perseverance. Subscribing to these values will go a long way to making our children happy in their own skins and treating others how they would like to be treated. If adhered to, they will fulfil our children and allow them to be happy and enjoy all aspects of school life.

Next week we will be well and truly back in the old routine. Can I encourage parents to join the School community at Fr Andrew’s licensing service with Bishop Langstaff on Friday 13th January at 8.40am.

Meanwhile, do have a relaxing weekend.