Former United States President Harry Truman had a simple approach to decision-making. The sign on his desk read: “The Buck Stops Here”, and it reflected his belief that he – and only he – was responsible for the actions of his administration. That was in America, almost a century ago. But some things have not changed since then- and the essence of leadership is one of them.

We were reminded just recently how challenging it is, taking responsibility; Jacinda Arden, having guided her nation through COVID,  resigning the premiership of New Zealand. And we have only to tune in to Wednesday’s weekly PM’s Questions at The House of Commons to feel the pressure on the ‘Top Man’.

But some are born to it, and it was inspiring to see Year 5 focusing on their leadership skills and enjoying themselves so much on Monday morning. The range of activities included public speaking, Forest School teamwork, caring for others and creativity. 

One prospective Prime Minister asked me over lunch if this was something that could be a weekly exercise. ‘Unfortunately not’ I said, ‘but you can certainly put the skills learned into practice every week!’

Thank you to all the staff who made this event possible.

In his Pause For Thought this week, Fr Andrew talked to the children about Light in our World. Our Year 5 children can be role models and leaders of the future, while, as the Bible suggests, putting Jesus first, others next and ourselves last. 

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Karl Hopwood to discuss online safety. He gave an interesting and thought-provoking lecture to parents followed by excellent workshops across the whole School. These talks are invaluable in helping the children to make good choices online and allow parents to gain much-needed advice to support this process.

Year 3 have been travelling back in time to the Roman era. This Wow Day is a firm favourite with the former Pre-Preppers. The opportunity to dress as a Roman General, an Emperor or a Centurion has a stimulating effect on the whole learning process, bringing the Humanities Curriculum alive, enhancing the children’s interest and deepening their knowledge.

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting Bilton Grange Prep School and Rugby School. It is always very interesting to see other schools and discuss education. Bilton Grange clearly provides a wonderful preparation for children thinking of the traditional Public School route, providing a traditional well-trodden pathway to the Senior School. I am delighted to be building a strong relationship there, and am happy to be advising families on schools outside the Birmingham locality. We are certainly blessed to have such renowned schools near our doorstep – if not exactly on it. 

This weekend is a busy one, with more than 100 children coming to sit our 7+ examinations. It is wonderful to have so many families keen to take up places at our School not only in Prep, but across the entire school. This appeal can be accounted for, at least in part, by the wonderful children, staff and parents here at BCS. Thank you for all the support. 

Our Cross Country runners have been training hard with Miss Tucker and Mr Melia and on Sunday they are off to Abberley Hall for an annual event. They look sharp and strong in their weekly training sessions and keep me on my elderly/seasoned/more experienced/calloused toes! Good luck to all! Have fun and enjoy the experience.

I must congratulate the Under-11 girls who performed and battled valiantly at the IAPS regional qualifier at Rugby School on Wednesday. The girls did themselves proud. Thank you to Mrs Somerville and Mrs Bennett for the excellent work with the children.

Happy weekend to all!