The dreadful natural disaster in Turkey and Syria (of which more later) may for a while have taken our focus off the man-made misery of the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, as the so-called ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ continues to dominate our national news channels, perhaps it is time to lighten the mood a little. I offer you a giggle-worthy gag about the redistribution of 13th century wealth. 

I ask you to forgive the awful pun and to please remember this: “There’s no joke like a Dad joke.”

Here goes, then:

‘A man asked Robin Hood, “Would you rob from the rich to give to the poor?”’

To which Robin replied, “I Sher-would.”

Unimpressed? I expected as much. Unlike all those who chortled through and were charmed by Year 4’s production of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies- which proved the perfect, light-hearted way to sign off a wonderful and very busy half term. 

This was a first rate production. The children sang with so much confidence, the acting was on point and most of all, the children loved it. 

It bears repeating that the so-called ‘soft skills’ which children get from these productions are immeasurable in terms of confidence and the ability to address auditions. These skills will last them a lifetime. I would like to congratulate the children on an excellent display. The staff led by Mrs Creaton, Mr Wood, and Mr Nicklin and many others, particularly Year 4 staff, made this production come alive. Thank you, one and all.

And this brought to a climax weeks in which the children once again reach new heights in their studies, their music, their sport and all those aspects that BCS has to offer.

On Monday, we welcomed Kirsty Von Malaise to discuss next steps for our Year 5 pupils. In an inspirational talk, Mrs Von Malaise showed very clearly why it is that many of our children will thrive at KEHS. These talks are so valuable in showing you, as parents, what goes on at the next level in these wonderful schools. The feedback was very positive – thank you to all who attended.

Also on Monday, Year 1 had an Experience Day all about Africa. They started the morning learning about the continent and its countries. In English, they have been looking at the book ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’, set in Kenya. The children made African masks representing peace from the Dan tribe and learned about African art. Finally, they learnt that the colours that were used represent different things like nature and love, and that they used their choice of colours to create symmetrical patterns. These patterns are now ready for masks that will be used for their dance sessions.  Mr Moss, our Catering Manager, visited with a selection of African desserts to taste. We tried some ‘koesister’, some ‘Malva pudding’ and ‘Meskouta’- all from different parts of Africa. They were delicious, I believe! A great day was had by all.

As we will be off school for Shrove Tuesday next week, I couldn’t resist a pancake race in my Pre-Prep assembly with the Year 2 children. After a hotly-contested race, Mrs Straw’s class were victors. I am sure that many of you will be asked to set up your own Pancake Day activities next week. One interesting fact that I discovered: ‘Shrove’ is an Old English word meaning ‘to forgive sins’. Never say I don’t impart some knowledge to you through my weekly update!

Finally, a big thank you to all the parents and children who came to school in their own clothes today and made a donation for the Earthquake Relief in Syria and Turkey. If any families have been affected by this tragedy, please do contact Fr Andrew, who will happily support you.

Have a super break and thank you for continuing support.