Last weekend I read that the biggest dinosaur to walk the Earth was flying across the Atlantic to star in an exhibition at a museum in London. How did it get here, this creature that lived 100 million years ago? Well, the answer to that question is: on two extremely large aeroplanes. Yes, a life-size replica ‘split personality’ skeleton of the ‘Patagotitan mayorum’, one of the biggest members of the Titanosaur group at 37 metres , has touched down in a pair of British Airways Boeing 787 planes and- even as I write- is being pieced together to wow thousands of visitors from the end of this month.

As Boris Johnson follows SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon in a desperate struggle to stave off personal extinction, this humongous creature, found in Argentina, is set to go on show at the National History Museum.

Of course, dinosaurs have caught the imagination of children since their skeletons were first found, and Year Nursery continued that fascination as they enjoyed a spectacular prehistoric dinosaur Wow Day. They lapped up the experience, and, as if transported to a sort of academic Jurassic Park, loved learning about these wonderful creatures in detail. 

Appropriately enough, it was over a bite of lunch that some of the little ones’ children explained to me the differences between the meat eaters (carnivores) and plant eaters (herbivores). 

As I always say,  I believe these Wow Days make the curriculum come alive. The evidence was there this week, before my very eyes!

This week, Year 6 produced  outstanding research in another area of the curriculum: as part of the annual Science Fair. The children have been working hard on these projects since the turn of the year and I must say the skill and knowledge on show was outstanding. The judges from local and national Senior school were taken aback with the children’s enthusiasm and knowledge base. A big thank you to Mrs Simmons, Head of Science, for her hard work on preparing the children. Thirty children were highly commended and the overall winner was William, with Emily and Jai runners up.

Not to be outdone, Year 4 took part in Heroes Night, when they dressed as their inspiring heroes. Once again, the work put in by the 8 and 9-year-olds was unbelievable. The children waxed lyrical about their heroes, who ranged from family members to Bear Grylls; from David Attenbourgh to Cristiano Ronaldo. All in all, an excellent evening. The children should be proud of all their hard work.

A special thank you to our Assistant Head Learning and Teaching, Mr Brown for organising the logistics of these events. A super success showing the excellent expectations set here at BCS.

Parents enjoyed another lecture from Mrs Kelly Hannagan. This thought-provoking talk reinforced the importance of raising children’s self esteem  and supporting them to come out of their shells and build a culture where they develop belief and resilience. This proved to be a very worthwhile and stimulating event.

Tonight Prep will enjoy their Easter Disco. A big thank you to the Friends of BCS for arranging this, and, of course, to my dedicated staff for supervising the event. It is a landmark occasion for the children, and always a highlight in their calendar.

Have a great weekend!