U11 Development Squad v Norfolk House

What a brilliant final game of the season for the U11 Development Team. Although the score may not represent the play on the court, the girls have come on leaps and bounds this last term. This final game was 7-aside and allowed all the girls to have a great game of netball. Over the term we have worked on defending, use of space and the order of play. In the shooting circle, Emily W and Lucy demonstrated an awesome partnership. Emily DB, Diya and Jolin used lovely movement and use of space to bring the ball safely down the court. In defence Aditi, Jasmin, Palakh and Anoushka made some super turnovers. Well done to Diya for a well deserved player of the match! I look forward to hearing of your netball success in years to come.

Result: BCS 3-6 Norfolk House

U10 A and B Football v Bablake School

The U10 A and B teams travelled to Bablake School for a fixture against a very competitive opponent. The A team suffered a heavy defeat against a clinical Bablake team who made the game very difficult for the team by closing them down and winning the ball back and transferring the ball forwards quickly to make defensive work tricky. The B team had an entertaining 4-4 draw coming back from 3-1 down to then lead 4-3, but unfortunately Bablake managed to equalise last minute. In the game, Siyuan scored a majestic hat trick with two goal finished into the top corner with Rohan, Oli, and Carlino providing assists for the goals with some immaculate through balls. In defence Finn and Aydin improved as the game went on stopping the Bablake counter attacks and when George was called upon he made some excellent saves in goal. Siyuan is the Player of the match!

Result: 1 loss, 1 draw

U10 C and D Football v Bablake

The C and D’s played in 2 very competitive games against Bablake with both teams applied themselves well. In the C’s Jerry was excellent in goal and Myle showed great composure on the ball, if only a few more could shoot straight! In the other game Dhruv scored a worldy goal into the top corner which has to be moment of the day. All in all though everyone enough the afternoon and the boys showed excellent progress.

Result: N/A

U8 Netball Tournament at Warwick

This Monday, we took a U8 team to Warwick Prep school to play a fun, 5-a-side tournament. There were 8 schools in total and it was organised into a round robin, playing 6 minutes one way. This was a great opportunity to play lots of netball and to play in the different 5 positions. No scores were recorded but the girls made so much progress as the afternoon went on. They demonstrated their ability to pass the ball to space and looked to move into space to bring the ball down the court. It was a perfect way to consolidate everything they have been working so hard on this term. Well done girls!

Result:  N/A

U9A Football v WGJS

The scoreline would suggest this was a very one-sided game– this was far from the case. Each goal scored, came from great organisation, marking, working hard to get the ball, keep the ball and take our chances. WGJS had some skillful and aggressive players who could move the ball effectively and quickly. BCS kept their shape and worked the ball well up the field. Arya-Veer, a goalkeeper who has had a superb season, didn’t help the morale of the WGJS team, with the few opportunities they did have, AV remained a brick wall keeping another clean sheet. All goals came from superb team work – however a special mention to Monty Webb with a composed and spectacular individual finish.

Result: BCS Win

U9B Football v WGJS

The U9B Football team hosted Wolverhampton Grammar School on a beautiful day at BCS and the team treated the crowd to an exhibition of football. The team improved as the game progressed, looking to control the ball and pass to keep possession of the ball, without playing passes and without looking which ends up giving possession away. The team impressively- when under pressure- were prepared to pass the ball backwards into defence and then switch the play and exploit the spaces out wide. Goals were scored by George, Ibrahim, Jovan, and Max who clinically placed the ball into the corners of the goal. Player of the match was Ibrahim who showed some excellent touches during the game looking to create goal-scoring chances and prepared to keep possession by passing the ball back to restart attacks.

Result: BCS 5-1 WGJS

U9B Netball v WGJS

The U9B Netball team were treated to their first 7-a-side game versus Wolverhampton Grammar School on Tuesday. The team beautifully demonstrated all the skills that they have developed over the last term. When moving the ball down the court, the girls used strong passes and super use of space. After a team talk, the girls were reminded of their new favourite phrase ‘preliminary run’ which led to lovely changes of directions being used to lose their defender. All the girls demonstrated their ability to attack and defend with turnover. Many turnovers led to many goals with the final score being a 5-1 win to BCS. Well done on all your hard work this term, I look forward to seeing your netball progress as you move into year 5 and play more 7-aside fixtures. Player of the match was awarded to a very deserving Kitty burgess!

Result: BCS 5-1 WGJS

U9 Netball v WGJS

The U9’s played against Wolverhampton Grammar School this Tuesday. We played the 5-a-side version of the game. BCS were very excited and eager to play their last game of netball. A very enjoyable afternoon, where BSC demonstrated excellent progress. It was fantastic to see the girls create space, show positional awareness and the ability to play in a variety of different positions. BCS girls won confidently however, fun was had by all. Well done girls!

Result: BCS 11- 0 WGJS | BCS 5-1 WGJS

U11 Netball v Eversfield

After a solid warmup and having the time to practise goal line passes and centre passes we got off to a great start. Our girls demonstrated real resilience as Eversfield continued to break the contact rule, especially Shreya who was pushed to the ground, and rather than call out at the umpire they continued to play with grace and just used their quick dodging and speed to get free. Some great attacking play from Sophie, Zoe and Tarini took us comfortably ahead. Both Nanda and Sinai played particularly well moving from attack and defensive positions and showed they have good knowledge of all positions. Umaiza got some great intercepts and quickly took goal line passes so we stayed comfortably ahead. Rubie came into her own in the final quarter scoring two and taking the win of 9-2. Well played to all of the team!

Result: BCS 9-2 Eversfield

U11 Football Festival

To compensate for the cancelation of the King’s Hawford festival, we invited 2 very strong schools to take part in a mini festival at BCS on Wednesday. Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School, and Hereford Cathedral School. In what proved a very enjoyable afternoon of football we entered two sides and both applied themselves well. WGJS showed why they are current ISFA champions playing some wonderful football narrowly beating the A’s 2-0 and HCS 2-1. The game against HCS though showed how much progress these lads have made with a 3-2 win after losing to them at Matty Thacker. The B’s had a tough game against WGJS but applied them well against HCS. All in all a great afternoon of football for all.

Result: BCS 3-2 HCS

U8 Football Triangular @ Solihull School

The U8 footballers travelled to Solihull Moors FC to play their fixtures against Warwick School and Solihull School. This was a great opportunity for the players as the last minute switch of venue ensured they got the opportunity to walk through a professional football club’s stadium as they were playing on the astroturf at the back of Solihull Moors FC. The players arrived and watched their opponents play each other first, thinking of their tactics before playing back to back games against Warwick and then Solihull. With defenders making some crunching tackles and the players looking to pass the ball to create attacks and goal-scoring chances. It was great to see the progress the U8 footballers have made over the term and now they are all starting to understand positions in and out of possession of the ball, and why it is important to create space on a football pitch and not to crowd around the football and make it like a rugby scrum. All players represented BCS with pride, determination and resilience but players of the day were Zachary, Arnav, Nina and Mahrus for their excellent positional sense, dribbling skills and looking to transfer the ball quickly into attack.

Result: N/A