U10 Tournament at Warwick Prep

This Saturday the U10s took part in a tournament at Warwick Prep. The atmosphere on the courts was awesome, the sun was shining and the girls were ready to play some brilliant netball. As the tournament was following the Bee Netball format, the girls were able to demonstrate their ability to play in defence, attack and centre court.

Result: N/A

U11 Netball v Solihull and The Croft

This Saturday, the U11 girls played netball representing BCS for probably the last time. A competitive tournament, which the girls were ready and pumped for! Both The Croft and Solihull were also in attendance and it was our opportunity to prove once again that we deserved a place at Nationals. The girls dominated in the group stages, only losing to The Croft. In this game the girls were too tentative, you could see the nerves on their faces and the apprehension in the way they played. I always say, never overthink a game, play ‘your game’ and ‘let the ball do the work’. However, in this instance they allowed the opposition to get into their head and made 5 passes when 2 could have worked. Fortunately, through playing a convincing game in the semi finals against Solihull. We faced The Croft again in the finals! One of the most thrilling games of netball I have watched these girls play. It really was end to end and could have gone either way. Unfortunately, we lost by one goal 4-5. Deservedly so, the girls were proud of themselves and so was I. Well done girls.

Result: N/A

U10 House Football Matches

In the U10 House Football matches, an entertaining game full of drama was won by the red of St Phillip’s despite a spirited second half performance by St George’s. St Phillip’s in the first half raced to a four goal lead after being hungry to win possession back and winning the ball high up the pitch. They allowed themselves to create goal-scoring chances with Syan and Umar both getting themselves in great positions to finish excellent crosses from wide areas. Despite this, St George’s still had opportunities to score, with Rayan making some excellent saves and the crossbar getting hit. However, a 10 minute period of losing their positions cost St George’s. In the second half, St George’s came out with better tactics and scored an early goal to give themselves the opportunity to get back into the game. Soon after, the crossbar was hit by the green, but St Phillip’s counter-attacked and won a penalty which was excellently saved by George. After this, the game finished with both teams hustling for possession, but a clinical 10 minute period by St Phillip’s ensured a victory for the reds. All of the boys reflected in the dining hall after the match over their hot dogs.

Result: Philip’s 4-1 George’s

U10 House Netball Matches

This week, we started with the U10 house netball matches. A fantastic afternoon of house sport. All ready and raring to go. The girls organised themselves with a good team warm-up and into positions. From the first whistle, both teams played with the intent to win, fighting for every ball! A very close first quarter, 3-2 to St Margaret’s. However, as the game continued, St Margaret’s pulled away dominating the game. St Monica’s demonstrated perseverance and determination, as not once did they let the score line reflect their mentality. Always giving 100%, which is what I love to see. Well done to each and every one of you.

Result: Monica’s 3-13 Margaret’s

U10 District Football Tournament at Hallfield

The U10 Football team travelled to Hallfield for the District Football tournament. 5 teams entered and were organised into a group with the top 2 teams qualifying for the final. In the group stages, the team played some slick football and were able to clinically finish these passing moves and recorded 2-0, 4-0, 2-0, and 5-0 victories going through to the final, scoring 13 goals and not conceding any goals. Into the final, the team went 1-up early in the game, with a smart finish by Kavidh. However, they conceded two unfortunate goals and narrowly lost out 2-1. A much improved performance by the team who played some excellent football, transferring the ball forwards quickly and moving the ball to player who had created width and made the pitch big. Unfortunately the luck was against the team in the final, but they represented the school with pride and played some excellent football throughout the afternoon.

Result: 2nd Place

U9A House Matches

Wow what a game of netball. The U9 A house matches provided some serious viewing for the spectators, with moments of cheering, sighs and covering their eyes. The first quarter kicked off with a St Margaret’s centre pass and straight after the first whistle it was clear this was going to be a close game. By the end of the first quarter St Margaret’s just had the edge in the shooting circle finishing the first quarter 4-2. The second and third quarter followed a similar theme of end to end netball, with turnover after turnover. However, St Margaret’s continued their accuracy in the shooting circle resulting in a 9-5 score at the end of the third quarter. This was it, make or break, could St Monica’s pull this back? Being a member of St Monica’s Miss Tucker couldn’t help herself and put St Monica’s into their strongest 7 format, switching Lana into shoot and Sonam into centre. The final quarter was led by a St Margaret’s centre but St Monica’s weren’t letting them have it that easy. Pulling out a performance of a lifetime St Monica’s put 4 consecutive shots up bringing the score to a 9-9 tie. The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. With 4 minutes left on the clock who was going to take this win, the pressure was on. Though superb teamwork both teams managed one more successful shot bringing it to 10-10. With 1 minute to go Pippa Shaw put up the 11th goal for St Margaret’s but would this be enough. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, St Margaret’s desperately waiting for the final whistle to blow and St Monica’s fighting valiantly to get the equalising shot. At the end of the 4th quarter the final score was a 11-10 win for margarets. Well done to both teams for such an amazing display of your skills and teamwork.

Result: Margaret’s 11-10 Monica’s

U9/U10 KES Primary School Swimming Gala

After a busy day for both the U9’s and U10’s taking part in football fixtures and house competitions, the team travelled down the road to KES. Blue Coat has seen some tough competition against a very strong Balsall Common team which we raced against earlier this term. With every race at this gala finishing with a third, second and first place medal up for grabs, all of the Blue Coat swimmers came home with medals in which they earned in their races. Congratulations to Alice M for her gold medal in the Year 4 Girls 25m Swim with ball, Anika for her gold medal in the Year 5 Girls 25m Breaststroke, Amadora for her gold medal in the Year 5 Girls 25m Backstroke and Tom M for his gold medal in the Year 4 Boys 25m Backstroke. Finally, congratulations to all of our other Year 4 and Year 5 swimmers who took part achieving silvers and bronzes throughout the evening.

Result: N/A

U9A Football House Match

Once again, we were treated to another spectacular and competitive house fixture match. St George’s were able to utilise the space more effectively than St Philip’s, therefore they were able to play out from the back more successfully. St Philip’s demonstrated terrific BCS values and persevered throughout the fixture. St George’s demonstrated good organisation with regards to their formation and applied consistent pressure.

Result: George’s win

U9C Football House Match

A great afternoon of football was enjoyed by all at St Phillip’s inspired by the dynamic duo of Connor and Jack saw St Phillip’s hang on for victory. Both teams showed great progress but coupled with Connor tenacity and Zacharia’s goalkeeping Phillip’s were an unstoppable force.

Result: Philip’s win

U11A Football House Match

On a wet Wednesday afternoon the U11A’s played out a fitting draw between St Philip’s and St George’s. The game swung backwards and forwards with St Philip’s art times playing like Barcelona whilst St George’s were much more like Wimbledon’s crazy gang! Noah was St George’s driving force whilst Tom, Munashe and Leon played some lovely football for St Philip’s. In the end, two moments of controversy involving Hugo lead to an exciting finish. First he cleared the ball of the line with his head (not allowed) then he gave away a penalty which Toby smashed home with aplomb. The game was played in a nice spirit and nobody went home to happy or to sad!

Result: Philip’s 3-3 George’s

U11C Football House Match

On a drizzly Wednesday afternoon it was Year 6’s turn for House matches, with the red of St Philip’s competing against the green of St George’s. It was great to see all the players enthusiastic about competing for their house and trying their best in excellent spirits regardless of being the winning team or the team that suffered defeat, this what is house matches are all about at BCS. St Philip’s on the day were the winning team being more prolific in front of goal, with player of the match Kabir helping himself to a hat trick with Zail providing him with assists. Despite that, St George’s did manage to test opposition goalkeeper Tom but he saved anything that came his way and was supported by the rock-solid Rayyan in front of him, who did not let any attack through him despite the best efforts of Yang, Oliver, and Aaryan. An excellent afternoon, with the players working tirelessly for their teams and then they enjoyed their rewards of a hot dog and analysis of the game in the dining hall afterwards.

Result: Philip’s 4-0 George’s

U8A Football House Match

The U8A House match always proves to be an emotional affair and this proved no different. Despite repeated instructions asking for the boys and girls to focus on their BCS values, they became fixated on the result and the role of coach/ref becomes more akin to counsellor! The game was the classic “game of two halves” with Philip’s utterly dominant in the 1st half and St George’s more dominant in the 2nd half. Jai made some great saves as did Riyaan but the player who probably made the biggest difference was Nyre who made some wonderful saves in the first half and provided the energy St George’s were lacking in the 2nd. A great learning opportunity for all with players from both sides needing to learn to handle their emotions better moving forward.

Result: Philip’s 2-2 George’s

U8B Football House Match

This was an enjoyable spectacle for all to watch, with displays of individual skill and excitement at either end of the pitch. This was a game which could had gone either way but I feel a draw is a fair result for both teams. Standout performances were from Sebastian Hand Mathew C who both looked to go forward with the ball, use teammates effectively and provide endless energy for their team.

Result: Philip’s 1-1 George’s

U8C Football House Match

The final of the House Football matches took part on a sunny Thursday afternoon with Year 3 competing for their St Philip’s and St George’s houses. During the game St Philip’s came out the blocks quick and put pressure on the St George’s defence with Yang and Sami being the main orchestrators, creating goal-scoring chances. However, Jeevan in goal and Austin in defence were strong to initially repel these attacks. The pressure eventually broke and St Philip’s scored a couple of goals in quick succession with Sami scoring two into the bottom corner of the goal. After a half time team talk, where the teams were advised to create space and try to pass the ball more rather than run into defenders seemed to work with St George’s creating some shots on target. Jeevan was responsible for these and the defence were key to starting attack with Sebastian looking to get the ball forwards. Despite this, Sami helped himself to a hat trick with a tidy finish and then George’s responded with Jeevan with a lovely goal. St Philip’s did score another to make the game finish 4-1 to the reds. A great game with players continually learning and developing their positional sense and tactics on a football pitch with St Philip’s able to move the ball quicker via passing and look to get the ball into the spaces.

Result: Philip’s 4-1 George’s

U11 House Netball

Both teams pulled the lucky straw as they got to play inside, whilst the other Year 6 girls had to endure the rain for their House netball matches. Playing 5’s with a rotation required meant that I got to see both teams demonstrating their development in their netball skills. St Margaret’s got of to the better start in the first quarter and with great linking play from Tabitha and Sophie and Tarini. Once St Monica’s settled into their roles in the second quarter, they proved strong with Eliza working hard at centre, linking the attack and defence they held St Margaret’s for a 0-quarter. The third quarter saw some great tips from Mei-Li, and Jolin was now playing with real controlled aggression and was preventing St Margaret’s from any easy passage towards their goal with some great defensive work. Eva-Nicole was dodging into space and Emily found her with a great pass and into Lauren to score. The ball was going end to end and now Aaria had been strategically placed goals were coming thick and fast for St Monica’s to take the 3rd quarter 5-4. With the final quarter to go and rotations for St Margaret’s a new line up took to the court again. With Lydia now playing freely and confident St Monica’s made the first shot but did not sink it and the rebound was quickly moved down the court for St Margaret’s to score. The link play in the shooting circle from Tarini and Tabitha proved too much and St Margaret’s took the final quarter 5-4 and won overall. This was a great final match for the girls to participate in and I hope they continue to enjoy playing netball in the future.

Result: Margaret’s 13-9 Monica’s

U11 House Netball

This Wednesday, the U11 girls took part and their last ever netball game at BCS. The house matches are always an exciting afternoon and to really test the U11’s teamwork, adaptability and house spirit we formed mixed teams. The match kicked off with a St Monica’s centre pass, who swiftly scored two goals. St Margarets were less lucky in the first quarter however this did not deter them. As we went into the second quarter St Margarets had made some tactical changes creating a very strong attacking side leading to 6 goals being scored by the end of the third quarter bringing the score to 6-2. AFter losing the second and third quarter St Monica’s really had to pull out all of the stops. With some smart positions changes St Monica’s really put the pressure on, fighting for every ball. Both teams demonstrated some amazing team work, with A team players guiding and supporting development players and all players really putting an amazing display of effort and skill. By the end of the final quarter both teams fought to score one more goal bringing the final score to 7-3, a win for St Margarets. Well done to Neve and Priscilla on being awarded players of the match, you really deserve it!

Result: Margaret’s 7-3 Monica’s

U10 C House Netball Matches

This Monday the U10 Girls took part in their house netball matches. THe house matches are always an exciting occasion, you could feel the anticipation on the courts to get going. The game started with a Margarets centre and in the first quarter it appeared this might be a close game with the first quarter finishing 1-1. As we moved into the second quarter St Margarets picked up the tempo and had some good accuracy leading to 2 more goals in the second quarter. St Monicas worked their socks off but just could quite get the ball to pass through the net. St Margarets at this point were on a roll and demonstrated some serious constituency scoring two more in the third quarter and another two in the fourth. As the final whistle blew St Margarets had secured the win 7-1. All girls demonstrated epic teamwork and team spirit you should all be super proud of yourselves. Well done to Emma and Destinee for a well deserved player of the match!

Result: Margaret’s 7-1 Monica’s

U9 Girls’ House Netball

Fantastic afternoon of house matches this Tuesday. The girls were really excited and got themselves warmed up and organised in their positions. After a slow start, and one house were able to score, both teams were on a roll and had lots of shots on goal. Final score was 2-2, which was a fair representation of the game. Well done girls a super demonstration of progress.

Result: Margaret’s 2-2 Monica’s

U11 Girls’ House Netball

The U11 House matches were organised in a slightly different format today. We decided to play mixed ability and it worked fantastically. The girls demonstrated excellent teamwork and worked together to play the ball through the team really well. St Margaret’s dominated in today’s game, however St Monica’s really did fight till the bitter end and not once dropped their heads. A lovely way to end their netball journey at BCS.

Result: Margaret’s 16-0 Monica’s

U10B House Netball Matches

This week we started with the U10 house netball matches. A wonderful afternoon of house sport. All ready and raring to go. The girls organised themselves with a good team warm up and into their positions. From the first whistle, both teams played with the intent to win, fighting for every ball! St Margarets started the game strong getting the ball into their attacking D quite often. St Monicas were not giving up the fight and continued to play some lovely netball. However, as the game continued St Margarets pulled away dominating the game. St Monica’s demonstrated perseverance and determination, as not once did they let the score line reflect there mentality. Always giving 100%, which is what we love to see. Well done to each and every one of you.

Result: Margaret’s 16-0 Monica’s

U9B House Netball Matches

Wow what a game of netball. The U9 B house matches provided some wonderful viewing for the spectators, with moments of cheering, sighs and covering their eyes. The first quarter kicked off with a St Margaret’s centre pass and straight after the first whistle it was clear this was going to be a close game. By the end of the first quarter St Margarets just had the edge in the shooting circle finishing the first quarter 2-0. The second and third quarter followed a similar theme of end to end netball, with turnover after turnover. However, St Monicas bounced back scoring 2 goals in the third quarter. This was it, make or break, could St Monica’s pull this back? The final quarter was even. St Monicas started the quarter strong scoring a third goal in the first couple of minutes. This made the game even more exciting. Would St Margarets fight back. The girls continued to play fantastic netball. In the last minute of the fourth quarter St Monicas scored a fourth goal cementing the win. Some great shooting by Sophia Cass-Romera scoring 2 goals. I wonderful end to a great netball season. Well done, girls.

Result: Margaret’s 2-4 Monica’s

U8B House Netball Matches

This Thursday, Year 3 took part in their first ever house netball, and what an exciting afternoon it was. The edge of the astro was lined with parents excited to see some awesome netball – they were not disappointed. The game started with a St Margaret’s centre, who demonstrated brilliant passing and movement skills on the court. However, St Monica’s weren’t going to make it easy for them, swiftly making some super interceptions. Both teams demonstrated superb attacking and defending skills, moving into space, passing in front, marking their player and jumping for interceptions. As the game progressed, St Monica’s were showing strength in the shooting circle, leading to 3 goals being scored by halftime. After a halftime team talk St Margaret’s were ready to go and try to pull it back. Which they absolutely did, scoring in the third quarter of the game. As we went into the final quarter St Margaret’s were still in reach of a win, however, St Monica’s shooting on this afternoon was very accurate leading to two more goals being scored. The final score was a 5-1 win to St Monica’s. Well done to both teams for displaying awesome teamwork, communication and skills on the court. A very well deserved player of the match was awarded to Alice H and Chloe W.

Result: Margaret’s 1-5 Monica’s

U8D House Netball Matches

On Thursday afternoon, the U8 girls were ready for their first house netball matches. A great afternoon of house sport. All the girls were excited to get on the court and play. The girls organised themselves with a good team warm up and into positions. From the first whistle the St Margaret’s girls came out raring to go. In the first quarter they were getting the ball into their attacking D confidently using space and accurate passing. In the second and third quarter the girls swapped positions allowing everyone a turn at the position that they wanted to play in. The girls used all the skills that they have been taught over the term to get the ball from end to end. St Monica’s fought back scoring 2 goals in the last minutes of the third quarter. In the end St Margarets scored 4 goals in the last quarter securing the win. The girls continued to show their BCS values throughout the match. It was wonderful to see them put all their learning into practise. Well done, girls.

Result: Margaret’s 8-2 Monica’s