After the momentous scenes of celebration during the Bank Holiday weekend to celebrate King Charles’ Coronation, it was an early start for the children and staff of Year 6 who were off to France. 

Feedback from across La Manche sounds good and it seems that a great deal of fun has been had by all. Boys and girls only really appreciate that a language is a ‘living’ one when they hear people using their native tongue. This trip can act as an inspiration. We look forward to welcoming back an excited – if rather fatigued –  team this evening.

On a more prosaic and provincial note, this week was a busy and focused one for Year 5, who sat their final BCS exams of the year in preparation for Senior School. I must congratulate the children as they showed great composure and determination. If they continue in this vein moving forward, they will gain a place at the school which is right for them.

One feature of King Charles’ Coronation, of course, was its multi-faith element. Appropriately enough, 3EC gave a wonderful assembly this week on Buddhism. The children were obviously well versed in the topic and created an event which captured the audience’s attention throughout. It was interesting for us all to learn about the similarities to Christianity and other faiths. Well done to Miss Cockburn and children of 3EC.

In the awe-ful sanctity of Westminster Abbey, it was moving, was it not, to see the contributions and the poise of youngsters throughout the service? At BCS we try hard to develop responsibility and confidence wherever possible, and Year 2 put on a wonderful display of both at our Summer Gala. The children at all levels and of all abilities showed great determination and sportsmanship throughout. Most importantly, they had a great time with their classmates. 

And as conservation of the planet was so much part of the evening celebrations, how apt it was that our Nursery children have been looking at animals that live in the jungle?

The boys and girls got creative making clay animals and then, in front of their peers, talked about their creation. The phoneme of the week has been the letter ‘L’. This one stands, of course not just for all the Mums’ favourite royal treasure, that naughty-but-loveable-boy Louis, but for even wilder creatures such as for the leopard, the lizard and the lion. 

Reception also continued to ‘take a walk on the wild side’ this week as they explored creatures native to the Savannah and the jungle. They discussed the animals’ features, focusing on textures of skin, hair, scales and fur. They also discovered why camouflage is important, and created their own animals to live in a chosen habitat. 

Our Under-11 cricket squad are heading to Malvern College this Sunday to participate in a highly prestigious tournament. We wish Mr Gregory and the team best of luck. I must say that for all the children, girls and boys alike, the season has had a really positive start – despite some unpredictable weather.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, which, this week, for a change, is not a Bank Holiday!