‘Time flies,’ they say, ‘when you are having fun’.  As another busy week reaches its climax, we are enjoying ourselves so much that I cannot work out where the term is going!

Before I discuss the events of this week, I must congratulate the Music Scholars, who delivered an exceptional concert in Chapel last Friday evening. Every piece was expertly executed. Thank you all who were involved. It was such a memorable occasion. 

This week, we welcomed the children and parents of our new September intake. It was a wonderful morning, with parents and children taking part in Forest School activities. Our children had the opportunity to meet future class friends; parents to connect with one another. A big thank you to Mrs Walker, Mr Isherwood and the Nursery team for all their hard work. 

Our Prep School Eco Committee headed off to Newport in Wales this week to see how a recycling plant functions. The thought behind this was to give our Eco ‘warriors’ the opportunity to see recycling in action. It is hoped that this visit will not only inspire the children and staff, but also help BCS focus on a clear plan to become more sustainable. We have made a fair start on this matter and we hope that next year we can develop our understanding further and do even more for our planet.

Birmingham has had its fair share of thunderous weather and heavy rain in recent days; witness the interruption to the first Test match last weekend. Appropriately enough, we were told the story of The Flood in a wonderful class assembly.

I must congratulate Year 3MH, who had us focusing on Noah’s Ark and looking at God’s faithfulness and salvation. Although the children were looking at a traditional Bible story, we were all helped to recognise these qualities in our everyday lives. As always, the boys and girls spoke with authority and displayed excellent acting skills for ones so young. 

This evening, as a community, we have our Summer Fayre and annual parents, staff and children cricket matches. Will the Staff Superchargers or Pre-prep Warriors take the crown from last year’s winners, the Year 5/6 Stormers? Please come along and support the Fayre. Much work has gone into this event and your support is greatly appreciated.

One last note: I would like formally to thank Andrew Hodge, who is stepping down as Chair of Friends. Andrew has been a stalwart of the school and has given much over his two tenures as chairman. On behalf of BCS, I thank you for your hard work and dedication. Taking over from September will be Sophia Ahmed. We look forward to getting behind her and supporting her in her new role. Exciting times.

Happy weekend to all!