U11 ESSA Relay Finals

After numerous qualifiers taking place across the West Midlands, the U11 girls were able to finish within the top 3 fastest teams in the West Midlands for both their Freestyle and Medley Relay which seen the girls invited to participate in the ESSA Relay Finals, which took part in Ponds Forge, Sheffield. The girls started the day off with the U11 Girls 4x25m Freestyle Relay which was started off with Anna on the blocks leading the team, followed by Aaria, then Rosie and Lydia to finish off the relay with an impressive time of 1:03.18, which allowed the girls to qualify for the B final in 3rd Position. Next up, the girls competed in the U11 Girls 4x25m Freestyle Relay B Final against very tough competition. The girls managed to finish 3rd in the B final with a time of 1:03.92 which means overall the girls finished in 11th Position. The next event up was the 4x25m Mixed Relay race which saw Aaria leading the team off on Backstroke, followed by Rosie on Breaststroke, Anna on Butterfly and Lydia finishing the relay on Front Crawl, the girls managed to qualify for the B final. As a long day of racing comes towards an end the girls have one final race which was the U11 Girls 4x25m Mixed Relay B final where the girls finished in 2nd place, which means overall in the 4x25m Mixed Relay they finished in 10th place.

Result: N/A

U11 ESCA Regional Finals @ Shrewsbury School

The U11 cricket team travelled to Shrewsbury School for the ESCA Regional finals. With the privilege of playing on the 1st XI pitch at Shrewsbury School, it was a fantastic opportunity for the players. The team played RGS: The Grange in the first game and batted first. A sloppy start, with the loss of early wickets against show accurate and pacey bowling made it hard work for the BCS team. However, a crucial partnership between Hugo and Rohan and then some good ball striking from Aditya got BCS a way below par total of 237 off their 12 overs. RGS started well, and again a sloppy start from the team got RGS ahead of the game, Again, Rohan shone with the ball trying to get BCS back into the game with an over, going for 1 run and Vidur got a crucial wicket at the key time. With the last pair ahead of the score RGS aimed to defend their total knowing BCS needed wickets. The wickets did not come, and BCS lost the game by 13 runs. Some sloppy batting and running between the wickets, losing 7 wickets being the key difference.

Into the second game versus Packwood Haugh, BCS again batted first. Disappointingly the same theme was cropping up with cheap wickets given away and some poor running between the wickets, despite some beautiful drives down the ground from Tom. Again, Rohan dug the team out of trouble ticking off single and twos. The team posted 250, which was below par, but a target the team should defend on a big pitch. The team started off again sloppy and were asleep in the field with easy singles taken and missed run out chances. Vidur managed an early wicket but Packwood were ahead of the run rate going into the final pair. Into the final over, Packwood were on 251, leading by one run, but a great catch by Tom at backward point got BCS 4 ahead. Needing 4 off 2 balls, and then 3 off the last a run out secured the win for the team in a close game. A good day, but a lesson in looking after your wicket and maintaining fielding standards for the duration of the game.

Result: Won 1, Lost 1

U10 Cricket v West House

This was a great venue for today’s game as we could hear the occasional roar of the Ashes crowd from Edgbaston just down the road. BCS opened the bat with Myle and Oli ending their innings scoring 12 runs. From there BCS had difficulty looking after their wickets, especially when looking to run between them. We frequently got bat on ball despite the accurate bowling but unfortunately our communication between the wickets lead to confusion. Jago and Rayyan closed the innings scoring 21, giving us a total of 234. In the field we stayed focused and did everything we could to get bodies behind the ball. West House batted aggressively and were able to effectively run between wickets. I feel, despite the score, each and every pupil were still able to take away a learning opportunity and will be able to grow as players because of the game.

Result: West House Win

U10 Girls cricket v Winterfold

This Monday, the U10A&B girls cricket team made their way over to Winterfold school for an eagerly awaited fixture. Both teams demonstrated excellent bowling, batting and fielding skills. Showing that hard work pays off. These girls have shown a real passion and enthusiasm for cricket this year and this really shows in the way that they played. Both teams won convincingly , in true BCS fashion, demonstrating excellent sportsmanship! Well done girls, a lovely way to spend an afternoon of cricket.

Result: BCS Win

U9 Monica’s v Margaret’s Cricket

This Tuesday was the last time the U9 girls would be playing, representing St Monica’s and St Margaret’s. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we were unable to play in the grass. However, determined to ensure the fixture went ahead, we played on the astro turf. The girls were so excited. They are a very competitive group of girls and this hunger was translated into the way that they played and encouraged their fellow team mates. Both houses demonstrated excellent team work. St Margaret’s were first into bat, having a confident batting innings managing to score 251 runs. As St Monica’s went into bat, you could feel the tension, they were surprisingly a little slow to start. However, once they settled into the game, a number of the batters hit boundary balls, making it a nail biting finish. St Monica’s ended up winning on this occasion, by 4 runs- 255. The game really could have gone either way! The following girls were nominated as the best batters: Freya White and Kitty Burgess. The best fielders: Soman and Pippa. The best bowlers: Summer and Emily. Well done girls!

Result: St Monica’s

U11 Cricket v Solihull

This was a superb fixture, played in the right spirit. BCS were focused and played well in both bat and field. BCS opted to bat, with Seb and Dan opening, scoring 5 in total. Ahryan and Noah scored 30, James and Oliver score 19, Arjun and Xander scored 1 and Aaron and Ahryan scored -8. BCS bowled aggressively from the start, with the first 3 overs resulting in a score of negative 11. BCS kept Solihull to 225 through excellent bowling and fielding positioning. However, there was a standout performance from Noah behind the wickets.

Result: BCS Win

U10A Cricket v West House

The U10A’s had a tough game of cricket against West House, which was exactly what they needed after 2 easy wins against Warwick and Kings’ Hawford. Bowling first, the boys bowled well with Rayan bowling with great pace and accuracy. In general, the fielding and backing up was good but our catching could have been better. The batting though was poor with far too many players not playing the ball on merit and swinging wildly and get bowled. “Bazball” seems to have entered the minds of many and unfortunately, like the England team, its shortcomings were exposed by some accurate West House bowling. The running between the wickets was also another area where we seemed at times to have no understanding of how to judge a run or communicate effectively and we gave away a huge number of wickets. In total we lost 18 wickets in 20 overs compared to West House’s 7. This was the major difference between the 2 sides and hopefully a lesson the boys learn from. Of all the batsmen, Jasper and Dhruv batted the most sensibly, protecting their wicket well and striking the ball with force when it was in the right area. Overall a good season, and these boys have plenty of potential next year.

Result: West House Win

U8 Cricket v West House B & C teams

The U8’s B’s and C’s played two great games against West House with fine displays of striking and some excellent bowling. In general, most of the bowling was legal and whilst a bit wayward at times, this is something to work on over the Winter. There was some amazing batting, with lots of players hitting a boundary, which was great. The game was also played in a great spirit and in a nice friendly manner.

Result: N/A

U8 Mixed Cricket v Norfolk House

The U8 boys and girls formed together to play two cricket games versus Norfolk House. In both games when batting, the players struck the ball power and placement, in particular Jaiya, Anai, and Peter. When bowling, the difference between the teams was BCS’ ability to bowl accurately so limited wides and no balls were conceded not giving the opposition extra runs through extras. Annabel, Matthew, and Nina bowled extremely accurately always looking to hit the stumps. Improvement on game understanding and when to run between the wickets is needed by all players looking to always add runs to the final total but an excellent set of game played in the correct spirit.

Result: BCS win both games