Limitless Learning
for Tomorrow’s Achievers

At The Blue Coat School, we have a rich curriculum that encourages our children to question and to challenge the status quo. We are proud to share that our academic results showcase the success of this curriculum.


Whether it is the outdoor experience of our Forest School, a STEAM project which combines artistic flair and mathematical thinking, performing on the stage or arriving in School for early morning cross-country, it is our aim to provide an environment of limitless learning for our pupils.

The Blue Coat School provides extensive exposure to extracurricular activity without losing focus on academic rigour.

Blue Coat Parent

Throughout their time at The Blue Coat School, pupils’ academic achievement is monitored and assessed through The BCS Blue, our bespoke e-learning platform. The BCS Blue is a web-based interface where pupils, parents and teachers can view achievements, progress and next steps for their individual journey. Pupils are assessed on all areas of the curriculum including values and life skills to ensure children received an enriching, holistic education.


Indeed, The Blue Coat School is extremely proud of its strong reputation for academic achievement. We are delighted that our Year 6 Leavers have the choice of the best senior schools within the region and beyond.


Our Class of 2023 received an impressive 263 offers to senior schools. This included an impressive 39 offers to King Edward’s School and 27 offers to King Edward VI High School for Girls. They also received an outstanding 45 offers for Grammar Schools. In addition, 63 scholarship and award offers were made across Academics, Music, Sport, Maths and English.

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A boy is shocked by the sounds of the organ in the school's Chapel

Senior School

The quality of a Blue Coat education provides your child with an excellent foundation for the transition to senior school. We offer holistic support and preparation for 11+ exams to local independent and Grammar schools, including pastoral support, exam practise and scholarship application guidance.

The transition to Senior School