At the Blue Coat School, our vision is

Limitless Learning for Tomorrow’s Achievers 


I would like to extend a warm Headmaster’s welcome to you and thank you for showing an interest in being a part of the future of The Blue Coat School. I also appreciate the trust that parents place in me as Headmaster, and the whole staff, to inspire and educate your child. These formative school years are so vital, therefore, I want our children to receive the very best support.

We all know that choosing the right school can be a daunting process, one in which the emotional investment and financial commitment is considerable. At Blue Coat, we believe that the rewards provided by inspirational teaching are immeasurable – as is the chance to live and learn within a community that is both challenging and supportive. 

Thanks to a blend of brilliant teaching, genuine care and joint endeavour, our pupils leave us ready to cope with an ever-increasingly complex world and make their mark in a thousand different fields. 

Along the way we believe that they cement strong friendships and have a lot of fun – I see evidence of this every day. 

Noel Neeson, BEd, NPQH, FCCT | Headmaster

three words to describe Mr NeesoN

We asked children at BCS, ‘what three words would you use to describe Mr Neeson?’ Watch this video to hear what they say.

Headmaster, Noel Neeson poses for a photo in the Grace House selfie frame with Bluey the Bear.
Headmaster of The Blue Coat School, Mr Noel Neeson, welcomes the Bishop of Birmingham.
Pupils sit around the Boardroom table having lunch with the Headmaster, Mr Noel Neeson.

Golden Table

Each Friday, Mr Neeson hosts ‘Golden Table’ for pupils in Prep who have excelled that week. The pupils meet the Headmaster in the Boardroom for a special lunch, with gold plates no less! 

Mr Neeson holds this time in his diary very dear, as he gets to speak to pupils from across the School and hear which teachers have inspired them and what they have enjoyed about their week.

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