Over 300 years of limitless learning

At The Blue Coat School Birmingham, we take great pride in our extensive history, vision and values. The School was founded in 1722, and ever since, we have constantly adapted to the changing world whilst keeping our traditions and our values at the core of what we do.

An etching of the original site of the Blue Coat School in 1910

Our History

The Blue Coat School Birmingham was founded in 1722. Originally located in Birmingham city centre near St Philip’s Church, now the Birmingham Cathedral, the School relocated to its current Harborne site in the 1930s. 

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Vision and Aims 

Limitless Learning for Tomorrow’s Achievers 

Pre-Prep boy looking up from his open book with an amazed look on his face.
A Pre-Prep girl playing in the Autumn leaves in Forest School.
A girl singing from a hymn book in The Blue Coat School Chapel.

Our Mission and Aims

Nurturing a spirit of fun, adventure and curiosity in a supportive and caring Christian community.

Providing exceptional learning opportunities for every child through innovative and dynamic teaching.

Championing versatile, creative risk-takers prepared for a changing world.

The BCS Values

Letter 'b' in a navy circle (icon)

Be truthful, patient and kind

Letter 'c' in a navy circle (icon)

Cheerfully persevere

Letter 's' in a navy circle (icon)

Show respect to others

The Pursuit of Limitless Learning

We invite you to read The Blue Coat School’s five year strategic framework. This document outlines our ambitious aims and priorities for 2022-2027.

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