Our mission is

To provide exceptional learning opportunities for every child

The Year 6 Class of 2023 sat in front of The Blue Coat School

Learning Success

As a leading independent school in Birmingham, here at The Blue Coat School, learning success is defined as fostering lifelong skills, ensuring each child reaches their potential.

  • Nurturing inquisitive minds and a passion for learning 
  • Developing confidence, resilience and independence
  • Facilitating diverse opportunities in all curriculum areas
  • Celebrating every child’s unique contribution

Learning Success

We are committed to ensuring that our curriculum, extra-curricular program and facilities are accessible to all our pupils. Every pupil has the opportunity to learn and make progress. Quality first teaching enables all pupils to acquire new knowledge, increase understanding, develop skills and make good progress, according to their ability. All pupils are supported day-to-day, and some may require additional resources and interventions to help unlock their potential. Teachers adapt their input, tasks and feedback to suit pupils’ needs, incorporating multi-sensory approaches into lessons.

There is a clear process to identify and meet the needs of pupils. We take a proactive approach to identifying needs and ensure a strategic, comprehensive and inclusive approach. Pupil progress is tracked regularly so we are able to identify any concerns promptly and provide appropriate intervention as necessary. Partnership with parents is key to ensure pupils’ progress is on a positive trajectory. Regular training is provided to all teachers and teaching assistants to ensure all staff remain upskilled and prepared to meet a variety of needs.

Support and interventions are provided as required. interventions are bespoke to each pupil’s needs and can include small group work with teachers, teaching assistants or SENCos. These typically address specific recommendations from the pupil’s educational or medical report.

Further details of provision for the welfare and education of children with learning support or special educational needs are set out in the Policy for Special Educational Needs and Disability.

The Learning Success Team

Mrs N Ashman

Director of Learning Success

Mrs R Hitchins

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Mr B Hulbert

Director of Able, Gifted and Talented (Maternity Cover)

Mrs A Phan

EAL Specialist

A boy looks at a map of France on an iPad.

English as an Additional Language

We celebrate the fact that many pupils speak many languages. English is best learnt through the curriculum and our EAL pupils are encouraged to play a full part in class activities, accessing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

Should it be needed, we can also offer support for pupils with English as an Additional Language through our EAL Support Teacher. 

EAL Policy

Able, Gifted & Talented

At The Blue Coat School, we are dedicated to nurturing the unique talents and abilities of our gifted and talented students. Our curriculum, enriched learning opportunities, and personalised support ensure that learning is limitless and fosters a stimulating environment where excellence is celebrated and encouraged.

Further details on the Able, Gifted and Talent Programme can be found in the School’s Able, Gifted and Talented Policy.