A Bespoke E-Learning Platform 

The Blue Coat School has an outstanding academic record and our pupils make rapid progress in all areas of the curriculum. In 2020, we launched our own bespoke e-learning platform called The BCS Blue. It is a secure, web-based interface which parents have full access to view their child’s successes and next steps in all curriculum areas. The BCS Blue assessment begins in Year 1, and each set of targets are designed to be progressive as they are assessed over a two year programme. Therefore, at the end of the assessment cycles in Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6, pupils will have a celebration assembly where they receive a certificate for their achievement.

BCS Blue Awards

There are four levels of attainment for The BCS Blue. As it is a two yearly programme, pupils will not achieve their final attainment level until the last term of the second year (Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6).




Headmaster’s Honours

A girl wearing The Blue Coat School uniform sits in an English lesson and smiles at the camera.

A Holistic Approach
To Assessment

The BCS Blue focuses not only on academic achievement, but it also provides data on the values, skills and attitudes that are necessary for pupils to succeed in education and beyond. 

There are seven core areas of learning which are assessed and given equal weighting. 

  1. Academic Languages: English and French 
  2. Academic Sciences: Mathematics, Computing and Science 
  3. Humanities: History, Geography and Religious Education
  4. Creative Arts: Art and Design Technology
  5. Sport: Games, PE and Swimming 
  6. Performing Arts: Music 
  7. Values and Life Skills: BCS Values and PSHE

limitless LEARNING for Tomorrow’s Achievers

The BCS Blue is a bespoke assessment tool for a bespoke curriculum. We have a rich, diverse and creative curriculum here at The Blue Coat School across both Pre-Prep and Prep. Our aim is to provide exceptional learning opportunities for every child through innovative and dynamic teaching.

Pre-Prep CurriculumPrep Curriculum



The BCS Blue gives a clear indication of where support might be needed, as well as celebrating successes.

BCS Teacher