Life at The Blue Coat School is fun! We have a rich curriculum that deliberately encourages our children to question and to challenge the status quo. Whether it is the outdoor experience of our Forest School or a STEAM project which combines artistic flair and mathematical thinking; whether it is performing on the stage or arriving in School for early morning cross-country; it is our aim to provide an environment of limitless learning for our pupils.

In the words of a Blue Coat parent, our children benefit from, “extensive exposure to extracurricular activity without losing focus on academic rigour.”

Indeed, The Blue Coat School is extremely proud of its strong reputation for academic achievement and we are delighted that our Year 6 Leavers have the choice of the best senior schools within the region and beyond.

The Class of 2021 cohort are no exception! This year’s Leavers share amongst them 217 senior school offers including 52 grammar places. In addition, 54 pupils were in receipt of 68 scholarships and awards recognising achievement not just academically but also in the areas of sport and music. For this year’s Leavers the COVID-19 pandemic has meant an unprecedented final year and a change to the usual exam season but they have shown great resilience and achieved record results; we are so proud of them.