We look forward to helping you with your child’s admissions process to join The Blue Coat School. Our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Kearney, is responsible for all aspects of a pupil’s admission to the School and will be able to help you with any queries that you may have. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office admissions@thebluecoatschool.com.

The key admission years for the School are at age 3 and age 7. Outside of these year groups we admit pupils where there are vacancies but we do tend to have waiting lists for most year groups.


We are currently accepting applications for children born from 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021 to join at age 3. Please send your applications through by Friday 17th September 2021.

For children born before 1st September 2020 we are now operating a waiting list.

Our first intake to the school is at age 3. Places for this entry point fill quickly and it is advised that you apply as soon as possible, and within 1 month of birth. Places for a given birth year are allocated at the end of September each year, so please ensure early application. Places are then allocated based on how soon families apply after birth, with priority given to siblings of current pupils or pupils with provisional places (provided they apply within 1 month of birth), and ensuring an even mix of boys and girls.


The Blue Coat Pre-Prep have three classes per year. At age 7, we move to four-form entry, thus allowing for an intake into Year 3. Your child will need to attend our Entrance Test Day for entry to Year 3. Scholarships and Means-tested Bursaries are available to internal and external candidates for entry to Year 3 each September. Further information will be available here soon for our intake for Year 3 in September 2021.


Should you miss out on a place in our initial allocation, we do have waiting lists for each age group. Should a place arise in a given age group from a family leaving the school, places are then allocated as follows –

– To any children who have siblings currently at the school or with provisional places to join the school the following academic year.

– To children based on how soon families have applied after birth.

In each case, we maintain a balance of boys and girls in each year group.

Our Admissions Policy, Parent and Pupil Privacy Notices and School Terms and Conditions can be found under the School Policies section.