How to Apply

To apply for a place at The Blue Coat School, please complete the application form below. Our Admissions Office will then be in contact to confirm availability and the next steps.

We recommend applying within the child’s first month of birth for entry at age 3 (into Nursery). The next available entry point is for Year 3 (age 7). You will need to register before the 7+ deadline.

Entry to the School at all other stages is subject to availability and you will be placed on a waiting list until a space becomes available.

Before you apply, please ensure you have read the School’s Admissions Policy and the School’s Terms and Conditions online.

Application Form

    The information that you have provided will be recorded on our Admissions Database so that we can keep you informed about joining the school and/or Open Mornings. It will not be shared with any third parties. We will request permission to retain your data on an annual basis but you can withdraw your consent at any time and your data will be deleted.

    How will we use the data provided in this form

    This information will be used by the School during the admissions process in order to manage your application. More information about how your data is used, stored and shared can be found in the Admissions Policy and the Privacy Policy.

    If your child is not offered a place, or if you do not accept the offer of a place, we will only retain this information for as long as we need to. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, information is kept for twelve months after the end of the admissions process.