Games is a vital part of Blue Coat life, and we want every pupil to leave The Blue Coat School having enjoyed playing different games, while developing the sporting skills necessary to appreciate the value of ‘sport for life’. This comes through an attitude towards sport which is just as important as ability.

We actively encourage pupils to participate at the best level they can to give them confidence and enthusiasm to have a lifelong love of sport. Our talented and dedicated games staff are committed to providing the best possible environment and coaching to enable each pupil to reach their full potential, as part of a team or as an individual.

During Games lessons, the emphasis is placed on the traditional main team games of rugby, football, cricket, hockey, netball and rounders. All pupils, irrespective of their particular sporting talents, are encouraged to represent the School at either a local, regional or national level. In addition, the opportunity to play for their House in House Matches and at Sports Day always brings out the competitive spirit! Parents are warmly invited to attend and support their child at fixtures.