Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet by Zanib Mian – Review by Sophia (3RB)

The book is about a young boy named Omar who goes on lots of adventures.  His parents had to move to a different house. Starting a new school was difficult but Omar made friends quickly. Parts of the book are funny, but parts of the book are not very pleasant. 

It was very interesting as you never knew what would happen next. 

Anyone would enjoy this book. The books in the series are good to read.


Physics: Why Matter Matters! by Simon Basher – Review by Summer (4SB)

This book is about physics, why it is important and explaining about every single piece of information about physics and it also tells you who discovered it and when. 

I thought that this book was very interesting and important and I also thought that it could tell people all about physics, how it is used and why it matters.

I would recommend it because it is very factual and I would recommend it to people who like science and physics who also like Basher Science!


The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien – Review by Zayden (5EW)

The Hobbit is the adventure of a lifetime! Travel with Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and a gang of Dwarves hoping to reclaim their home. Dive deep into Middle Earth, after the age of faeries but before the dawn of men, with misty mountains full of goblins, trolls, elves and more. A reluctant hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is tricked into helping the dwarves regain their home, the Great Mountain, and defeat the evil gold loving dragon, Smaug. Along the way, this unusual pack of heroes battle trolls, goblins and giant spiders. Does Bilbo trick the dragon? Do the dwarves make it home? You will only know if you come along for the adventure.

My favourite character is Bilbo Baggins, although he is reluctant to help at first, he overcomes his fears to become the hero. My favourite part is where Bilbo comes face to face with the creepy Gollum, epically tricking him and stealing something precious. 

I think this book is a good read for 9 and above and any reader looking for an extraordinary adventure.


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