The Iron Man by Ted Hughes – Review by Leela (3EC)

This book is not just about a man made of iron. It’s also about a DRAGON, and a boy called Hogarth, and friendship. 

I liked the opening questions at the very beginning, because they were exciting. The whole story was amazing, I can’t say I disliked any of it!  

I would recommend it to anyone that wants to be kind and considerate to others and themselves.


Scarlet and Ivy: The Last Secret by Sophie Cleverly – Review by Lana (5VF)

The twins, Scarlet and Ivy, go to a boarding school called Rookwood and they don’t love it but it is better than home for them and they have made countless new friends. At home, their evil stepmother makes them do all the chores and she is horrible to them but their father doesn’t recognise or notice this as their stepmother is two ­faced and their father is sometimes in his own little world. The absent mindedness of their father is odd and the girls are beginning to uncover secrets and queries about their stepmother.  Back in Rookwood, the ownership of the school is questioned and the twins are starting to wonder about the existence of Rookwood. They have to uncover old secrets and the clock is ticking. Teaming up with enemies, the girls of Rookwood fight to save it. 

I really like the sense of teamwork and accomplishment by the end of the book. I really like the sudden shocks scattered throughout the book.

I would recommend this book without a second thought. I simply love the ‘Scarlet and Ivy’ series! I would recommend this book to anyone who is into mysteries that are bending round at every corner.


The Somerset Tsunami by Emma Carroll – Review by Karam (6MT)

This book is about a girl named Fortune and she is sent away to find a job disguised as a boy. It doesn’t take her long to find a job because, not far away, she finds that Barrow Hill (which is the local manor house) has a job for her. Fortune slowly notices that the local manor house has lots of secrets within its walls. 

I found this book very interesting because it has lots of good parts and bad parts and it is almost hard to keep track of it! 

I would recommend this book to somebody who likes lots of action in their books.


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