Last week, Mr Morgan (Bursar) joined BSN Group Construction to break ground on the new Atrium.

Filling the currently unutilised grass space in the heart of the Viney Building adjacent to the Dining Hall, the Atrium will be a 300-square-metre space which will significantly expand the dining experience for all pupils at The Blue Coat School. There will also be a food technology teaching space within the redeveloped area enabling us to further expand the culinary skills taught in Food Technology lessons currently.  

Speaking on the transformative impact of the project, Headmaster, Mr Noel Neeson said:

‘Our School is a thriving community, and we recognise the vital role that lunchtime plays in our pupils’ daily routines. It’s a time to recharge and refuel, to prepare them for activity and academia in the afternoon ahead.’

Mr Morgan, Bursar for The Blue Coat School and a representative from the BSN Group stand in front of a digger on the site of the new Atrium.

The Atrium will be a versatile space, not only used for dining, it will also be a beautiful large space, built with natural materials and a full length sky light in the pitched roof perfect for hosting parent events and after school activities.

The Blue Coat School has a commitment to delivering facilities which are second-to-none and elevate the learning experiences of our pupils. We remain steadfast in our mission of ‘Limitless Learning for Tomorrow’s Achievers’. The Atrium stands as a testament to this dedication, offering pupils dynamic and innovative spaces to both learn and enjoy.

Ingeniously navigating the logistical challenges posed by the Atrium’s courtyard location, the BSN Group Construction has devised an innovative plan. Materials will be transported via cranes, strategically manoeuvred over the Viney building, ensuring seamless progress for this ambitious endeavour.

There will be a huge amount of work completed over the Easter holidays and will continue throughout the term in readiness for use in the 2024/25 academic year.

The site is cordoned off for safety reasons. Therefore, you can keep up to date with the project’s progress on The Blue Coat School’s Instagram page.

This milestone marks not only the physical realisation of the Atrium but also a profound investment in the future of education at The Blue Coat School.