Languages Vision Statement 

Becoming Global Communicators

A girl smiles at the camera with an iPad in front of her on the desk.


The Blue Coat School’s vision for the Languages curriculum in Prep is built on the following principles which underpin our teaching and learning:

  • Becoming curious about language
  • Experiencing cultural similarities and differences
  • Expanding skills in communication

In The Classroom

Pupils begin their Languages learning in Year 3. French is the main language learnt, however, the principles and history of other languages will be taught to give children an all round appreciation of different languages and dialects across the world. As pupils go on to a range of different senior schools, who will all teach different language options and take pupils with varying degrees of linguistic knowledge in different languages, Languages lessons at The Blue Coat School focus on fostering a love of language. Additionally, pupils are taught the general skills and techniques required to learn a different language.

In Years 3 and 4, pupils will mainly focus on the oral components of French, through songs, stories and rhymes. This is a good opportunity for children to engage with cultural differences between the UK and French speaking countries too. 

As the children progress through the Prep curriculum, they will learn more written language skills, including the sound and spelling links that exist between English and French. Skills such as using foreign language and online dictionaries will be honed, as well as practising reading a variety of texts. 

A boy completes his work on his iPad using Showbie.

1:1 iPads: LANGUAGES

Each child in Prep having their own iPad has enhanced the way technology is used in Languages lessons exponentially. For example, children have been recording voice notes to hone their pronunciation skills independently. The Languages teacher can also hear these voice notes to provide personalised feedback on their efforts and reply verbally to enhance the pupil’s understanding.

It is undeniable that listening activities have become significantly more accessible with 1:1 iPads. Pupils can navigate these activities at their own pace, pausing as needed and replaying content for a deeper understanding.

An Extraordinary Lesson

Year 5 pupils participate in a French penpal exchange. They are always excited to receive their letters from France. 

In the Lent term of Year 6, pupils will have the opportunity to go on a residential school trip to France. Throughout this trip, they will immerse themselves in the French language and culture, using all their learning throughout Prep. This is a highlight for the children, as they make wonderful memories which stay dear to them long after they have left The Blue Coat School. 

Five boys smile for the camera during their 2023 French trip.
Pupils explore a museum in France.
Four pupils stand outside of a war memorial in France.

Lifelong Love of Learning

The Languages curriculum sparks a passion for learning different languages which is an exceptional skill. One best developed at a young age. To broaden pupils’ understanding, we offer an after school club in Spanish. 

After School Clubs