In the grand tradition of BCS, I find myself poised at my desk, quill in hand (or, let’s be honest, fingers on keyboard), ready to regale you with the triumphs and joys of our School as the Lent term draws to a close. As I cast my gaze back upon the term, a swell of pride burgeons within my chest—not unlike a well-risen soufflé—for the myriad achievements our young protégés and venerable educators have amassed.

From the senior echelons where exam results dazzled like the chandeliers of Versailles, to the cornucopia of scholarships that would make even the Medici look penurious, our scholars have excelled. Let us not forget the theatrical marvel that was the Year 4 production of “The Pied Piper”, an event that undoubtedly had the rodents of Hamelin quaking in their proverbial boots.

The Pre-Prep domain was no less spectacular, with Wow days that indeed elicited many a ‘wow’, and the Bikeathon, which, for the uninitiated, is akin to the Tour de France but with less lycra and more stabilisers. The pièce de résistance, however, was the Year 1 Mother’s Day Assembly, a heartwarming spectacle that could thaw even the frostiest of maternal hearts.

And who could overlook the symphony of creativity, sporting prowess, and melodious talent that permeates the very air of BCS? Our Creative Arts programme has painted our School year with broad strokes of innovation and brilliance, whilst our athletes have sprinted, jumped, and swum their way into the annals of BCS lore. The majestic musical talents within the School would have Mozart nodding in approval.

Just this week, the U11 boys’ football team etched their names into history by qualifying for the ISFA Prep Schools National final—a feat as monumental as it is unprecedented. Under the tutelage of Mr. Protherough, our very own footballing maestro à la Jurgen Klopp, these young men have brought honour to our School. The first BCS side to qualify for the National Football competition after their heroics during the Rugby season. What a year so far!

The Chapel Choir, those melodious angels among us, bestowed upon us an Evensong so beautiful, it surely reached the ears of the divine. Fr Andrew, with words both wise and witty, led this spiritual gathering that reminded us all of the power of community and faith.

Our Pre-Prep and Prep cohorts, not to be outdone, have each marked the term’s end with Easter services that were as poignant as they were jubilant. Year 2, in particular, shone brightly, leading their peers with a grace and poise beyond their years. 

And then, the House Shout, a competition that saw our young vocalists tackle the cosmic theme of space with a fervour that would make even Galileo tap his feet. With anthems from the pantheon of pop—Coldplay to One Republic—the School Hall was alight with energy, colour, and camaraderie.

As the term winds down, we owe a mountain of gratitude to The Friends of BCS, whose generosity ensured that each child received an Easter egg, sparking joy and excitement across the board.

So, as we bid adieu to another term, I invite you to bask in the afterglow of our collective achievements, and may your Easter break be filled with rest and copious amounts of chocolate.

Happy Easter, one and all!