Is it just me, or has some of the romance gone out of life? Not domestically, of course, but in an ecological, cultural, meteorological sense. 

A couple of hundred years ago, the poet John Keats was writing whimsically about autumn as the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. Now, we seem to pass straight from the perils and privations of a drought into the need to batten down the hatches for an imminent flood.

Whereas Keats was writing mellifluously about the ‘swelling of the gourd’, we lurch seamlessly from angst over hosepipe bans to anxiety over a national shortage of sandbags.

Of course, climate change is a serious issue – a worry for us all. Maybe that’s why we keep coming up with so many diverse, abstruse ways of amusing ourselves. You might have missed it – and BCS was a bit too busy to get involved – but this week we were all invited to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

So, before I get down to the more serious business of the past week, let me pose to you a question which emerged from National Talk Like a Pirate Day: what is a pirate’s favourite letter?

You will find the answer at the end of this Update. I can hear you groaning even as I type.

Reflecting more seriously on last week, I wish I could offer Pieces of Eight to all those parents who have contributed to the recent House Suppers. The feedback from the children and the lovely thank you letters from parents, I will long treasure. This week, Lichfield House represented by Mrs Stockton and House Captain, Destinee and School House fronted by Mr Melia and Susie. Both were well supported and all involved spoke with great poise and enthusiasm.

As they used to say on board The Black Pig, ‘Avast ye!’. Do watch out for updates from the House Leads on upcoming events that we can get involved in.

Mrs Emma Stockton poses with Bluey the Bear during the Lichfield House Supper.
Mr Peter Melia and Bluey the Bear pose at the School House Supper.

Last week, all hands were on deck as Year 3 and Year 4 took part in the Harrison Mile. Today, it is the turn of our Seniors to do their stuff at Warley Woods. Even in benign conditions, this course is a stern test for the children but every year, I am pleasantly surprised with their determination. As I write this update, the results are yet to be confirmed!

This week, Form 5VF gave a thought-provoking assembly on kindness. The children started our class assembly season off in style with this really pertinent message. The acting and general singing was very uplifting. 

In Pre-Prep, Class 2W, they were magnificent in their class assembly about Jonah and the Whale. It was lovely to see these young chicks walking their dramatic plank with such composure, speaking with clarity and getting a simple but effective message across. Well done all!

It was also a pleasure to see so many Reception parents attend our literacy workshop. As I always suggest, developing reading is the single most important thing to inspiring our children as it opens many doors! I used to love Captain Pugwash and can highly recommend Treasure Island (and the smuggling novel Moonfleet) to our older readers. Anyway, thank you for your suggestions. They will add yet more colour to our boys and girls’ educational journey.

Finally, we welcomed Mrs Von Malaise, Principle of King Edward High School for Girls (KEHS) to Chapel today. She gave a powerful talk which was well received. We appreciate all the Senior School Heads for supporting our Chapel services.

Have a lovely weekend.

Oh, the pirate’s favourite letter?

Well, it’s the letter ‘C’, of course!