Ah, dear parents, brace yourselves for a recap that’s bound to leave you chuckling, swelling with pride, and perhaps scratching your heads at how we manage to pack so much into a single week at BCS. Last week, I teased the bustling agenda that awaited us, and oh, did it deliver!

Let’s kick off with a round of applause for Team Scotland’s victory at Murrayfield – a triumph that surely added an extra spring to our collective step and set the tone for our own series of victories and vibrant educational escapades.

In the realm of physical prowess, our fencing team – Max, Carlino, Myles, Lia, and Matthew – sliced through the competition at The British Championships like a hot knife through butter. Max and Lia, our gold-medal gladiators, along with the bronze boys’ brigade, have us all on tenterhooks for the national finals in May. Watch out, BCS is coming!

Our Year 6 warriors took a dive into the past with a World War One enrichment day that was anything but ordinary. Between mastering trench cuisine and gaining insights into soldierly life, these historians have added a hefty dose of reality to their English and Humanities studies. Hats off to Mr. Matthews and the Year 6 team for this immersive journey back in time.

Not to be outdone, Year 3 transformed our corridors into the ancient Roman Senate, togas and all. Their day was packed with lessons on Roman life and mosaic mastery, proving once again that history is anything but dull. A standing ovation for Mrs. Barnes for coordinating this event.

The Year 1 and 2 recital turned Tuesday into a day of awe. Our pint-sized virtuosos tackled Beethoven and Handel with the ease of seasoned professionals, showcasing talent that belies their tender years. Their dedication to the craft is a symphony to our ears.

The BCS Parent Lino Art Course series, led by the incomparable Mr. Ramsell, has kicked off with a splash of creativity and a dash of linoleum. Kudos to our parents for their enthusiastic engagement and artistic achievements.

In the aquatic arena, BCS played host to the IASPs Regional swimming qualifiers, meticulously orchestrated by Mr. Brooke and Mr. Moore. We’re all floating in anticipation of the results.

Litchfield and School House turned philanthropy into a fine art, championing causes close to our hearts with a charity day extravaganza today. Thanks to Mrs. Stockton, Mr. Melia, and everyone involved for making generosity look so good.

As we bid farewell to this week, our ski team sets off to Italy for the IAPs National Ski Finals, with high hopes and sharp skis. And let’s not forget the Year 5 and 6 cross country team, whose training is about to be put to the test at the prestigious IAPS National event. We’re rooting for you!

A special nod to Mrs. Von Malaise and Mr Quail for enlightening Year 5 parents on the merits of joining KES. These discussions are crucial as we navigate the educational pathways for our children.

So, as we close the chapter on another eventful week at BCS, let’s take a moment to appreciate the whirlwind of activities, achievements, and learning that define our school community. Here’s to the adventures that await us next week!

Have a great weekend, everyone!