I’ve just resurfaced from a week-long adventure in the bustling world of BCS, a place where the extraordinary is just another part of the curriculum, and I’m thrilled to share the escapades with you.

Let’s kick off with the pièce de résistance, World Book Day, an event that transformed our School into a veritable catwalk of literary legends. I, too, embraced my inner fashionista (or should I say book-ionista?), donning the iconic attire of ‘The Boy in the Dress’. The School was awash with characters from Harry Potter to the BFG, a tribute to the transformative power of a good book. Hats off to Mrs. Ayub, our Head of English, for orchestrating this pageant of paperbacks.

Amidst the celebration of literature, we were visited by Jack Meggitt-Philips, the mastermind behind ‘The Beast and the Bethany’. This is not your average bedtime story, unless your idea of bedtime involves 500-year-old carnivorous beasts and imminent danger. Meggitt-Philips, known for his attic haunts and questionable fashion choices, brought the house down. His presence was a stark reminder that behind every great book is an even greater (and perhaps slightly eccentric) author.

Our Pre-Prep eco-warriors have been raising money for NICE (National Institute of Conductive Education) through the inaugural BCS Bikeathon. Using balance bikes purchased by the Pre-Prep Eco Committee, Nursery and Reception pupils were seen whizzing back and forth across the Astro pitch. Their valiant efforts awarded them with immense joy and a chance to practice their cycle skills. Well done to Mrs Sargent’s class for completing the most laps and being crowned as this year’s champions! 

In a melodious shift, Blue Coat musicians showcased their talents in the eagerly awaited heats for The BCS Young Musician of the Year competition. The bar was set sky-high, and anticipation for the Gala Concert on Friday 15 March could not be more palpable. Picture this: a battle royale of musical prodigies, all vying for the coveted title of Young Musician 2024. The School Hall will be the arena; the instruments, their weapons. May the best maestro win!

Not to be outdone, our music scholars struck a chord at St. Philip’s Cathedral, delivering performances so polished, you could see your reflection. A standing ovation to Mr. Nicklin, whose guidance is akin to a maestro sculpting sonic masterpieces.

Our girls footballers, inspired by the Lioness’s roar, ventured into their first competitive fray in the Yardley Fives. Displaying vigour and an unmatched work ethic, they’ve signalled a bright future for BCS in the realm of football. Watch this space – the cricket and football fields are ripe for conquest.

The geographers of Year 5 embarked on a riveting River Study, proving once again that learning is not confined to the classroom. The riverside became a dynamic laboratory, where theories flowed as freely as the waters they studied.

Lastly, the intellectual gladiators of Year 4 and 5 took King Edward’s Schools by storm, engaging in maths and debating competitions, and a Young Entrepreneurs workshop. The results? A resounding success, demonstrating that our children are not just learners, but leaders in the making.

As the curtain falls on this week of wonders, I extend a hearty congratulations to all involved. To the children, staff, and visiting luminaries: your talents and tireless enthusiasm are the heartbeat of BCS. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember, in the world of BCS, every day is an adventure waiting to happen!