Today Lichfield House and School House combined forces to raise money for their charities, The Midlands Air Ambulance and RSPCA. 

Our pupils arrived to School buzzing with excitement over the fun activities that lay ahead. The day began with an assembly, where both Houses dazzled as they demonstrated their commitment to their respective charities. Lichfield House kickstarted the assembly by introducing the extremely crucial work of the people at The Midlands Air Ambulance. They welcomed Kay, the Fundraising Executive for the West Midlands, to give us insight into the day to day activities of their crew. Kay revealed that at all times of the day throughout the year, the paramedics are ready to go at a moment’s notice and that their service has saved thousands of lives through their expert knowledge and equipment. 

Following on, School House continued the fundraising festivities by describing the amazing work of the RSPCA who protect the welfare of all animals in the UK. The members of School House explained the fundamental factors needed to properly look after our furry friends recommended by the RSPCA as well as provided an insight into the rehabilitation and rehousing aspect of the charity. Their special guests, Rachel and Boris, explained the environmental difficulties facing animals in terms of danger to their habitats and welfare. They work extremely hard protecting those without a voice and without them, animal cruelty would continue unchecked.

A girl from Lichfield House presents during assembly.
A boy from School House presents during Charity Day.

As the clock counted down to breaktime, each House assembled in the Sports Hall for the main event. Rows on rows of stalls beckoned to our pupils with the promise of sweet treats and goodies. There were arcade-style games such as ‘Splat the Rat’ and ‘Bowl the Teacher’ as well as pamper stations and tombola. After lunch, the Sports Hall opened its doors once more to welcome another wave of excited consumers! By the end of lunch, many pupils left the Sports Hall, extremely happy with their purchases. 

At the end of the day, the Lichfield and School House communities gathered in the Dining Hall for a homemade bake sale. We want to say a massive thank you to all who brought their delicious treats into School; they were very yummy!

Thank you to all those who have donated today, whether that’s by paying a £1 for non-uniform day, or by spending your week’s allowance on sweets and chocolates! A special thank you to Mrs Stockton and Mr Melia for leading such a brilliant Charity Day. 

A young girl plays Splat the Rat at Charity Day.
A boy looks at the things he can buy at Charity Day.