U11 Hockey Tournament v Various Opponents

Result: Blue Coat win 1-0 against RGS, Blue Coat tie 1-1 against Repton, Warwick win 3-0, King’s Hawford win 2-0, Bromsgrove win 1-0

Player of the Match: Alyana

A fantastic morning of hockey against some very good sides. The girls played well staying strong in the tackle and chasing back hard in defence. Anushka went from strength to strength in goal, gaining confidence each game and making some great shot stops. In attack, when we held our shape and played the ball wide, we were able to dribble the ball with pace down the wing and cross it into the D for an opportunity on goal. To move forward, we need to pass the ball with a bit more pace and accuracy. Well done girls; you did yourselves proud and it was excellent practice for iAPS on Wednesday


U10 Hockey v Eversfield

Result: Eversfield win 1-0, Blue Coat win 4-0, Eversfield win 1-0

Players of the Match: Alice, Kitty and Sophia

Overall, this was a great demonstration of Year 4 hockey with Eversfield bringing a mixed team of boys and girls to play against us. The first match was dominated by BCS yet we could not seem to convert any chances to goals. The second match again was dominated by BCS with pupils effectively delivering what they have been practising in after school sessions and lessons. With Kitty converting crosses from Lana. In the final match, it was quite even with both teams needing to hold their shape and spread out. It was great to see so many girls out enjoying the hockey eager to do their best for Blue Coat.


U10 Rugby v Warwick (Mr Melia’s Team)

Player of the Match: Sam

This was always going to be a tough fixture. BCS started excellently for the first 10/15 minutes defending well, working together to tackle and stopping any attack. Unfortunately, Warwick were relentless in both attack and defence leading to a constant wave of attack. BCS ran well with the ball but failed to recycle possession leading to too many turnovers. Fundamentally, Warwick were lower in the tackle and ruck meaning they won the majority of contact battles. Sam was a standout performer who carried the ball brilliantly into contact and produced some excellent defensive tackles.


U10 Rugby v Warwick (Mr Gregory’s Team)

Player of the Match: Jacob

The U10 rugby teams travelled to Warwick for their first rugby fixture of the season. With the introduction of the ruck to U10 rugby brought a new skill to implement into game situations learnt over the last few weeks. The team from the blow of the first whistle looked prepared for this game with Jacob and Paul full of forward running to break through the Warwick defence leading to tries scored. This continued with Luca being quick to the breakdown and rucking with a correct technique as well as Paul clearing out an opponent. Raju scored some tries breaking through with a quick burst of speed. This led to a great game with plenty of opportunity to develop in defence and attack and give early confidence for the rugby season for the players.


U9 Rugby v Various Opponents

Player of the Match: Adam, Jeevan and Sami

BCS took three rugby teams for a festival at RGS: The Grange. With the format being a festival, the teams played 4 games each with the focus being progress and improvements as the afternoon developed. The teams played games against RGS: The Grange, King’s Hawford, Winterfold, Hereford Cathedral School, and Kings’ St Albans. There were clear improvements in all players with all showing more determination when running forwards at pace and attempting to tackle and bring down an opponent. Continued improvements on passing and developing depth and width when attacking will help all the players so they can clearly run and attack at pace. Players of the day were Adam A-S, Jeevan L, and Sami P who all showed determination when running forwards and attempting to tackle an opponent.


U9 Hockey v Eversfield

Result: Blue Coat win

Player of the Match: Sukmani and Nina

The match kicked off with both teams displaying their determination and teamwork. The players demonstrated excellent ball control, passing, and dribbling skills. Everfields’ defense put up a strong resistance, making it difficult for BCS to penetrate their defensive lines. However, BCS was persistent in their attacks and managed to break through, scoring the opening goal of the match. The second half of the game saw Everfields pushing hard to level the score. They made several attempts to breach BCS defence and create scoring opportunities. The players from both teams exhibited impressive teamwork and a good understanding of the game. The match remained highly competitive, with both sides fighting valiantly for control of the field. Congratulations to BCS on their well-deserved victory, and kudos to Everfields for their commendable effort and teamwork. These young athletes have a promising future ahead in the world of hockey, well done all!


U11 Rugby v Bromsgrove (Mr Melia’s Team)

The U11 boys travelled to Bromsgrove for a series of matches, some against Bromsgrove and Hereford Cathedral School, and others in a straight fixture against Bromsgrove. In the first game against Bromsgrove, the boys put in a magnificent performance and were unlucky to lose 5 tries to 3 (Bromsgrove scored 2 in the last 2 minutes.) In this game, the boys played some of the best rugby I’ve seen at BCS demonstrating great handling skills and real tenacity in defence. Jasper, Freddie, Ben, and Noah really ran hard with the ball but in truth everyone really raised their game. The 2nd game against Hereford was like watching a different team! Whether it was fitness or the fact that HCS were fresh I’m not sure, but the boys missed a few tackles early and their heads went down very quickly. Perseverance is one of the School’s values and it was a really good lesson in not letting our standards slip. More of these boys need to be at the cross-country club because fitness was certainly a factor!


U11 Rugby v Bromsgrove (Mr Gregory’s Team)

Player of the Match: Zimo

The U11 Rugby team travelled to Bromsgrove and put in a very competitive performance against a strong opponent. From the blow of the first whistle, there were some tough tackles from Rohan and Zimo and some strong ball carries from Siyuan, Liam, Loic, and Rohan. Despite the opposition scoring a few tries, the boys showed great endeavour and were rewarded when Liam scored an excellent try just before half time. After a chance to get a breather, the boys came out and continued to develop their game, particularly at the rucks and mauls where players are continuing to learn and adapt to new rules of rugby at the U11 age group. Siyuan scored an excellent try which was deserved for his good positioning allowing himself the chance to run forwards onto the ball at pace. The players would have learnt a lot playing against strong opposition with timing and pace to the ruck being crucial and the team seeing if they can get two passes away from any ruck, scrum, free pass whilst still moving forward to get the ball to players in spaces to score tries.


U11 Hockey iAPS Tournament

Result: Knocked out in the quarter final

Players of the Match: Misha and Anushka

A fantastic day of hockey, the girls have really progressed in this last week and are now starting to mould into a good hockey team. They are beginning to hold their shape, attack with pace and work the ball around defenders. Their short corner routines are now sharp with a fast injection and a hard shot on goal  and we were rewarded in the tournament with some great goals. The quality of hockey at the tournament was very impressive and the girls did really well to qualify through to the cup where we were knocked out by a better hockey side. A great effort girls, well done.


U11 Hockey Tournament v Various Opponents

Result: Blue Coat win 1-0 against Malvern St James School, RGS win 2-0, Blue Coat win 1-0 against   The Elms, Blue Coat win 2-0 against King’s Hawford

Player of the Match: Lexi

The girls had a fantastic afternoon of hockey this Wednesday as the U11 girls travelled to RGS The Grange for a tournament. While the girls displayed commendable skills and determination, the overall outcome was a balance of wins and losses. Narrowly missing out on a place in the semi finals (on goal difference), the girls were quite rightly proud of their team performance. The following were the scores from the matches played within their group.


U11 Cross Country Meet @ Winterfold

Result: Girls team came 2nd overall

The Cross team’s performance at the Winterfold Cross Country event was truly outstanding. The U11 girls showcased their remarkable talent by securing a second-place finish overall. The course itself was nothing short of amazing, offering a challenging yet exhilarating experience for all participants. Moreover, the event was imbued with a fantastic atmosphere, fostering a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among the competitors. The Cross team’s exceptional performance, combined with the breathtaking course and the wonderful atmosphere, made it a memorable and successful day for all involved.


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