U10 Hockey v Bromsgrove (Mrs Bennett’s Team)

Result: Draw

Player of the Match: Stephanie

With the sun breaking through, the team did really well to stay focused until Bromsgrove turned up to start at 4.15pm. With Elizabeth having stopped some shots in practice, she was ready to go however, with Stephanie and Ruby at the back, she only had one save to make the whole match. In the second half, we had moments where we looked like we could score with Esme and Anna shooting long range but outside of the shooting circle. The match was very even with most of the play being done in the middle, which meant Nishka and Gursimran had plenty of time on the ball. When the ball did go wide, it was pleasing to see both Amelia and Michaela using the width of the pitch to try and open up the game. It was a good start for the girls and I look forward to seeing them playing again.


U10 Hockey v Bromsgrove (Mrs Somerville’s Team)

Players of the Match: Sussanah and Zayna

This Monday, we took two teams to Bromsgrove School for a U10 Hockey match. We played 5v5 on their MUGGA Pitch, which allowed the ball to play off the walls. This fast-paced game showcased the girls’ stick skills and their ability to work as a team. Very quickly, the girls learnt that by spreading out and keeping their shape, the ball touched their feet less and they played much better hockey.  A lot of the game was end to end making it an evenly matched game.  Well done girls, it was a fantastic afternoon.


U9 Hockey v Solihull (Mrs Somerville and Miss Tucker’s Teams)


With a festival atmosphere in the air, the full size astro was utilised at Solihull really well so that 32 young girls from our school got to experience an amended version of hockey with no keepers. Pupils were playing in mixed teams and the knowledge of our girls far exceeded the opposition. It was pleasing to see that when possible we tried to keep our shape and pass through the lines and we scored many times from activities which had been worked on in lessons. It was a lovely afternoon for all involved and we all really enjoyed the teacakes.

This Tuesday, 4 teams travelled to Solihull to play in a mini festival. For some girls, this was their first fixture for the School, the excitement on the bus was palpable! After a quick warm up, all 4 teams were raring to go.  Each team got to play two different Solihull teams allowing for lots of match play and time on the ball. All girls made BCS proud with their skill on and off the ball, their knowledge of the rules and their cheerful perseverance to win the ball back and score plenty of goals. Well done to all those who played, it was a brilliant afternoon of hockey.


U11 Hockey v RGS: The Grange (Miss Tucker’s Team)

Result: 1-1

Player of the Match: Arya P

The girls had a fantastic afternoon on Wednesday at RGS. The opposing team started very strong, meaning the girls had to work hard in defence and that they did, keeping in their shape and getting the ball out. Just before the first half, the opposition scored but this made us come back stronger where in the second half, we dominated and scored! Great play by the girls overall, demonstrating fantastic application of control and tackling.


U11 Hockey v RGS: The Grange (Mrs Somerville’s Team)

Player of the Match: Mischa

In an exciting and closely contested match, the U11 girls hockey team emerged victorious against RGS. With a final score of 3-2, the match was a testament to the determination, skill, and teamwork displayed by both teams. The game started with both teams displaying high energy and enthusiasm. BCS took an early lead as their forward line executed a well-coordinated attack. A precise pass led to a perfectly timed shot that found the back of the RGS goal. However, RGS didn’t take long to respond. They showed exceptional teamwork, passing the ball seamlessly among their players. A powerful strike from an RGS forward levelled the score at 1-1. Not wanting to give the game away, BCS managed to regain their lead quite quickly. The girls from BCS exhibited strong offensive skills and excellent communication throughout. The second half saw a lot of the play continue to go end to end. However, BCS managed to hold their lead and finish 3-2. A well-deserved win, which every child contributed to. Well done girls.


U11 Rugby v WGJS

Players of the Match: Umar and Myle

The U11 Rugby team hosted WGJS on Wednesday with two games taking place in fantastic rugby conditions. There was a change to the format with the teams playing tag rugby, this meant for more passing and running forwards with the ball, skills that are vital when tackling, rucks, and mauls are present in a game. Mr Gregory’s team had a slow start adapting to the format and playing against a well organised defence from WGJS who were able to force turnovers. However, in the second half, a much improved performance with the players starting to understand their attacking lines, creating width and depth to ensure they can run forwards onto the ball. Some excellent tries were scored by Umar, Finn, and Arjun, all sneaking through the WGJS defence in impressive style. In Mr Melia’s game, the team again showcased their running and passing skills and showed excellent support, putting into play the knowledge and understanding they have had over the last few weeks of lessons. There were some impressive forwards running by Brandon, Jonathan, Myle, and Jack and the rest of the team got in great positions to support once the tag was made and the pass had to be offloaded. A good performance from the players showing great support play, that is always one of the principles the Sports staff abide by when introducing rugby.


U11 Hockey v WGJS

Players of the Match: Kyra and Susie

This was a great fixture to have which enabled two teams of the same ability to battle it out on the astro against some very strong opposition. In the first game, the scoreline did not reflect how well the pupils conducted themselves continually trying to play as a team and showing good positional awareness. They worked really hard to keep possession of the ball and although shots were taken, none were converted. In the second match the team started off confidently with the battle in midfield to be won. The ball was distributed swiftly forwards and right and we managed to successfully put 4 goals past them. Some great strong tackling was made to prevent the male players on the opposition from dominating the game. The whole afternoon was played in a good spirit and it was clear how much progress all of the girls had made.


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