U9 Harborne District Cup 

Result: Won 5 group games but lost in the semi final 

Player of the Match: Nina 

The U9 football team participated in the Harborne District Cup hosted at BCS. There was a big crowd to witness enthusiastic participation from various youth teams across the district. The BCS team, in particular, displayed remarkable prowess throughout the group stage, securing victories in all five group games. This included impressive goals scored by Joe and Mahrus and some excellent crosses by Henry and Nina to create goal scoring chances. However, despite their commendable performance, they faced a setback in the semi-finals and were defeated showing the ruthlessness of tournament football.


U9 Netball v King’s Hawford

Result: BCS win 8-5, BCS win 8-7

Players of the Match: Chloe and Eloise 

A fantastic afternoon of netball, the girls got to play 6 rotations of 7 minutes  allowing them to play every position on the court and really develop their game. The matches were closely contested with Blue Coat just having the edge. Although at times the girls still did get bunched up you can tell they are working really hard to remember to hold their positions, clear out and drive forward for the ball. An excellent afternoon well done girls!


U9 Netball v King’s Hawford 

Result: BCS win 14-2

Player of the Match: Alana 

Playing the 5 a side game with player position rotation the whole team adapted well moving from attack to defensive positions. This enabled the to show both their attacking and defending skills throughout the match and several girls surprising themselves with how good their shooting was particularly Sophia and Alana. Our good understanding of the game meant that we won our centre passes with Amber and Annaliese being confident in centre court. Amelia is showing greater confidence in her play and was determined to get some great intercepts to stop Kings from scoring. Ishvari demonstrated beautiful footwork throughout the match and was particularly supportive to her teammates when it was her turn to be sub. Well done to all the team!


U10 Netball v King’s Hawford 

Result: BCS win both games

Players of the Match: Stephanie and Summer

The U10 girls made their way to Kings Hawford for an afternoon of jam-packed netball. Both teams played the 5 aside game. With lots of rotations, the girls demonstrated a breadth of knowledge of the game. Able to play in both attack and defence really well. The connections the girls are starting to make on court, show how hard they have been working on playing as a team. Well done girls, two wins this afternoon.


U11 Netball v King’s Hawford

Result: BCS win one out of two games

Players of the Match: Siyona and Alayna 

This was the first game back after half term and both teams clearly had some holliday cobwebs to brush off. After settling into the games the girls found a little bit more rhythm and were able to give Kings Hawford a bit more of a challenge. Following the 5-aside format allowed the girls to demonstrate their ability in a range of positions. By the final whistle both teams had secured some great results. Well done to all.


U8 Netball v Solihull 

On Thursday, many of the Year 3 girls participated in their very first fixture. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we had to move the games inside. However, this did not stop the girls from putting on a stellar netball performance. With two games using posts and the other two playing an end ball format all girls demonstrated a variety of skills they have learnt this term. Having small teams allowed the players to practise their passing, dodging, shooting and marking leading to lots of wins throughout the afternoon. Well done to all who played, it was lovely to see you all have such a great afternoon.


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