Nursery Facilities 

The Blue Coat School Birmingham has impressive grounds, shared by children from aged 3 to 11. When Nursery children join us after their third birthday, we want them to feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings. Therefore, whilst the Nursery children benefit from the School’s fantastic facilities such as the School Hall, we also have a range of dedicated facilities.

A Nursery enjoy their free playtime where they can explore and learn individually and in groups at the Blue Coat School

Annexe & Nursery Classrooms


The Nursery classrooms are secure environments where the children learn and play.


There are two classrooms in the Annexe and the other Nursery classrooms are within the Pre-Prep building next door to the Annexe. All of the classrooms are bright, spacious and fun spaces. Adorned in the children’s work, inspirational and stimulating decorations and designated spaces for carpet time, play time, learning at a desk and reading. 

Nursery Playground 

The Nursery children have their own designated playground which offers another world of play and outdoor learning. There are climbing frames, slides, bridges, scooters, toys, hula hoops, toy bricks and much more. Nursery children not only spend their playtimes here but they also have timetabled outdoor learning sessions for their physical development. 

A Nursery girl crouched down and looking through a hula hoop on the playground.
Children playing on the bikes and scooters in the Nursery playground.
A boy slides down the slide in the Nursery playground with his arms in the air.
A boy dances with a green scarf

Pre-Prep Gym


In the Pre-Pre building, there is a dedicated Gym for our youngest children to have their PE sessions, as well as assemblies and enrichment workshops such as Fairytale Day!


The Pre-Prep gym is equipped with gymnastics equipment, benches, soft balls and games.


PE sessions for Nursery will focus on activities such as gymnastics, dance or games skills. During PE, they use the apparatus and small equipment to develop eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills. They learn to control their own movements and to follow instructions.

A boy is playing a tambourine in the Pre-Prep music room.

Pre-Prep Music Room


The Pre-Prep music room is a facility for our Nursery children to explore their musical side with singing, musical instruments and dance! Music lessons are taught by a specialist music teacher who develops their love and understanding of music. 


There are individual music lessons available for Nursery children for certain instruments and these take place in our newly renovated music lesson rooms. 

Nursery Dining Hall 

The Nursery Dining Hall is a dedicated space for the Nursery children to enjoy their lunch. We are lucky to have a vibrant and delicious menu which is on a three week cycle, meaning your child will get the opportunity to try new food and learn about the importance of healthy eating. 

Nursery children are served their food and we cater for all dietary requirements. The Nursery staff accompany the children to lunch to ensure they are all enjoying their meal and help with their use of cutlery. 

Find out more about lunch

A boy looking at the camera which eating his lunch in The Blue Coat School Dining Hall.
A girl eating from a bowl in The Blue Coat School Dining Hall.
A child looking up above a book about farm animals.

Nursery Aftercare 


Once the School day finishes at 3.30pm, for those children booked into Aftercare, they will be taken to the dedicated Aftercare space which is fully equipped with fun toys, games and books. Children staying in Aftercare will receive sandwiches and a drink when they arrive. 


It is important that the children have a different space for Aftercare, to differentiate between time dedicated to School and personal time. 

After School Care

Forest School 

Nestled in the corner of the School campus is Forest School. Boasting some of the oldest and grandest trees in School, this leafy sanctuary is a highlight of the Nursery timetable. 

Forest School lessons make use of the outdoor classroom, Mud Kitchen, firepit, orchard, forest cottage, the ‘mountain’, the forest and other special features such as the Forest School taxi! 

Children walking through the trees in Forest School.
Two boys playing with a bowl of muddy water and wooden spoons in the Mud Kitchen in Forest School.
Three children smiling at the camera whilst sitting on the Forest School Taxi made from recycled materials.


Places for Nursery fill up very quickly. Therefore, if you are interested in joining The Blue Coat School, please review the admissions information on the website promptly.

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