Children can arrive any time from 8am. They should be dropped off in the designated area for their classroom. A member of staff will greet your child and ensure they get to their classroom safely.

A Nursery girl crouched down and looking through a hula hoop on the playground.
A Nursery girl crouched down and looking through a hula hoop on the playground.


School starts with registration. Please note, if your child is not in School by 8.30am, they will be classed as late.

Three girls are sat around a table in Nursery colouring with a variety of colours


The day begins for Nursery. This could be outdoor learning, literacy or mathematics. 

Physical development, literacy and mathematics are all integral to the Nursery day. The lessons are interactive with practical activities. 

Literacy sessions include reading with their Class Teacher, practising handwriting and developing their understanding of phonics.

In mathematics sessions, the children learn to recognise numbers and they are taught to form the numerals in a range of multi-sensory ways. Songs and rhymes are used to develop counting and an awareness of numbers. 

A boy in Nursery smiling at the camera holding a numicon shape.


Nursery children will go for morning break in the designated playing area for Nursery which has an array of playground equipment and games. Our breaktime supervisors orchestrate games for the children with a ‘craze of the week’. These games encourage children to join in and play as a group. 

Two Nursery girls playing with a bucket in the playground at The Blue Coat School.


Breaktime finishes and children will have a snack of fruit and milk or water.

A boy and a girl in Nursery holding an orange and an apple.


When children have finished their snack, their morning resumes with continuous provision activities. Children will be called for one-to-one time with their Teacher or Teaching Assistant for a focused activity such as recognising shapes or pencil control.

Two girls smiling in the Nursery classroom at The Blue Coat School.


Lunch begins for Nursery. They will be taken to the dedicated Nursery Dining Room by their Class Teacher. Their food is served to them at the table and our fantastic catering team accommodate all dietary requirements. 

A boy looking at the camera which eating his lunch in The Blue Coat School Dining Hall.


After lunch and playtime, their afternoon begins with a visit to Forest School, art or music. Sessions are linked to the weekly topic for Nursery children. This could be anything from ‘My Family’ to ‘Autumn’ or ‘Minibeasts’. 

A boy holding a pile of leaves in Forest School.


School finishes for Nursery, after which, after school care is available until 5.45pm.

There is a dedicated space for Aftercare so children do not stay in their classrooms. Aftercare facilities include age-appropriate toys, crafts, TV-time and reading. During Aftercare, sandwiches and drinks are provided.


Nursery children can also sign up to after school activities which start at: 3.30pm, 4pm and 4.45pm daily. Activities include: Create Club & Music Makers, gymnastics and more. 

Aftercare and after school activities are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. 

After School Care

A girl holding up a star stencil with yellow paint on it and the piece of paper in front of her contains six yellow painted stars.
Pre-Prep boy looking up from his open book with an amazed look on his face.

Nursery Gallery

Take a look at the Nursery gallery which shows you what both typical as well as special days at The Blue Coat School look like.

Nursery Gallery