Children can arrive any time from 8am. They should be dropped off in the designated area for their classroom. A member of staff will greet your child and ensure they get to their classroom safely.

The entrance of the Blue Coat School with a flag waving in the wind in front
The entrance of the Blue Coat School with a flag waving in the wind in front


School starts with registration. Please note, if your child is not in School by 8.30am, they will be classed as late.

A girl in Pre-Prep drawing on a piece of paper.


Lessons begin for Pre-Prep children. From Year 1, the children’s school day is more structured, with a maths and an English lesson each morning. 

A Pre-Prep boy and a girl working at a desk, and the boy is smiling at the camera.


Pre-Prep children will go for morning break in the playground or on the front field depending on the time of year. Our breaktime supervisors orchestrate games for the children with a ‘craze of the week’. These games encourage children to join in and play as a group.

Five Pre-Prep children playing on the adventure trail playground at The Blue Coat School.


Lessons resume for Pre-Prep. All subjects are made as hands-on as possible to make these early experiences unforgettable and rewarding. Our topics are reviewed and altered from year to year to ensure our curriculum is current, innovative and exciting. 


Lunch begins for Pre-Prep in the main Dining Hall. Their food is served to them at the table and our fantastic catering team accommodate all dietary requirements. Towards the end of Reception, children will start practising going to the counter, choosing their own food, and carrying their tray back to their table.

A boy looking at the camera which eating his lunch in The Blue Coat School Dining Hall.


After lunch and playtime, afternoon lessons begin. This could be a swimming lesson, creative arts, music, computing or humanities. The curriculum is carefully planned and structured to foster links between the different subjects. Also from Year 1, Pre-Prep children begin games lessons, developing their knowledge of sports such as hockey and athletics. 

A child rests on the side of the pool at The Blue Coat School and smiles at the camera.


School finishes for Pre-Prep, after which, after school care is available until 5.45pm.

There is a dedicated space for Aftercare so children do not stay in their classrooms. Aftercare facilities include age-appropriate toys, crafts, TV-time and reading. During Aftercare, sandwiches, fruit and drinks are provided.


Pre-Prep children can also sign up to after school activities which start at: 3.30pm, 4pm and 4.45pm daily. Activities include: Create Club & Music Makers, gymnastics and more. 

Aftercare and after school activities are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. 

After school care

A girl holding up a star stencil with yellow paint on it and the piece of paper in front of her contains six yellow painted stars.
Four children looking through the windows of the forest cottage in Forest School.

Pre-Prep Gallery

Take a look at the Pre-Prep gallery which shows you what both typical as well as special days at The Blue Coat School look like.

Pre-Prep Gallery