At The Blue Coat School, we believe that the English language is fundamental to access all curriculum areas for our setting and beyond. Lifelong learning is our vision, through quality first teaching, excellent subject knowledge and high expectations of all pupils. We aim for all pupils to foster a love of reading and writing, through a broad and balanced curriculum.

Reading for pleasure is what we strive for and at The Blue Coat School, we engage in Guided Reading sessions across the whole school and some year groups will still have a dedicated library session built in to their weekly learning. Rich texts are studied to understand how to develop a writer’s voice. Language choices are examined through texts and passages; pupils learn about grammatical structures and accurate use of punctuation.

Writing outcomes are celebrated in and around the school, pupils understand the purpose and their intended audience. We encourage imaginative narrative which engages the reader, presents an individual voice and embraces stylistic devices.

At The Blue Coat School we will provide the tools to access the English language. Our teachers will support your child with the best possible chance, not only to pass examinations but also for an enriched and productive adult life.