Science is held in high regard at The Blue Coat School. Our well-resourced Science Department provides a wealth of opportunities for children to gain hands on experience of a wide range of scientific ideas and concepts. We have achieved the prestigious Primary Science Quality Mark, awarded for a significant commitment to science teaching and learning.

Blue Coat pupils are encouraged to develop a scientific view of the world in which they live and to ask questions about the things that they experience. Claude Levi Strauss said

“The Scientist is not the person who gives the right answers, they are the ones who ask the right questions.”

This is a maxim we hold dear here at The Blue Coat School.

To be able to ask the right questions the children are taught many skills and are encouraged to develop a methodical and thoughtful approach to science. Making use of our well-equipped and resourced Laboratory children work through a structured and well-planned curriculum covering Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science. There is always an emphasis on practical, ‘hands on’ learning.

Having a dedicated Science Laboratory enables the children to gain experience of working in this type of environment. This ensures that when the children progress to Senior School they are already well versed in working with scientific equipment and have a clear understanding of the need to work safely at all times.

The Blue Coat School Science Fair is held during the Lent term. Year 6 children are tasked to pose a question of a scientific nature and follow the scientific method to research and investigate the problems associated with this question. They are supported and guided through the process, but the emphasis is very much centered on the children and how they answer the question they have posed.

A panel of external Science teachers and lecturers from neighbouring schools and universities judge the Science Fair and we are proud to say that the judges always comment on the high standards achieved by our children.

The Blue Coat Garden and Forest School enable the children to experience a wide range of activities outside the classroom. The potential for scientific discovery is vast and we are excited by these new initiatives, which dovetail into our Life Skills and Outdoor Education programmes.