Blue Coat pupils enjoy one lesson a week of Creative Arts, a termly rotation between Art and Design and Design Technology. Both subjects are taught by the head of Creative Arts.

Creativity is expressed through many aspects of the curriculum and during lessons pupils are given the opportunity to explore and develop their ideas. The works of famous artists provide inspiration and offer grounding in the history of art. Pupils contemplate work by contemporary artists, as well as art from different cultures.

Design Technology provides pupils with the opportunity to combine creativity and technology in order to produce well-finished products for a specific user. Pupils analyse and investigate a wide range of items discovering what they are made from and how they work. They carry out focused practical ‘design and make’ tasks using a range of techniques and machinery in textiles, ceramics and woodwork. They learn how to use a variety of tools safely and effectively in order to complete the design and make assignments.

In the Creative Arts, our children are encouraged to be independent learners within a no-fail subject and mistakes are seen as an opportunity to be creative. Many cross-curricular links with other subject areas are also developed to enhance their learning. ICT is embedded in the curriculum and provides the opportunity for research and digital manipulation.