Pupils at The Blue Coat School benefit from a well-resourced multi-media learning zone.  They are encouraged to explore and express their creativity through a broad range of three-dimensional design and make assignments. Design Technology is taught through a mixture of teacher-led projects and problem solving activities which provide pupils with a range of skills.

Pupils work on solo projects to develop independent thinking in research, design and evaluation.

From woodwork to textiles, mechanisms to electronics, supported by a range of the latest ICT technology, Design Technology projects increase in complexity as the pupils’ experience and understanding of materials, tools and processes develops.

Design Technology projects include cushions made using the felting process and the sublimator to add personalised labels, labyrinths made using wood and computer aided design and individually designed wooden bird houses. Pupils also learn about cams, cogs, levers and pneumatics in other exciting projects!

Design and Technology prepares pupils

  • to participate in tomorrow’s world with rapidly changing technologies.
  • to become autonomous problem solvers, combining practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental factors, function and industrial practices.
  • to be creative and encourages them to think about important issues.

The children love visiting the Design Technology Lab, learning new skills and getting creative!